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As a beauty editor, I'm introduced to countless products on a daily basis. Whether I'm being asked to cover hair, makeup, or body products, there's never a shortage of things for me to try. Some of them can be duds, but every now and then I come across a product that makes me wonder how I existed for so long without it. 

There are few products that will forever and ever hold my heart, and Biologique Recherche's P50 toner is one of those without a doubt. As someone with several long-term skin issues, I can go on and on about what this $90 toner has done for me.

Apologies for the toll this might take on your wallet, but hear me out.

A little background: I have combination skin that goes through extreme spurts of adult acne.

photo: Blake Newby

But that's not my only issue. After years of playing Dr. Pimple Popper in the comfort of my own home, I have scarring on both my cheeks and chin that still, to this day, make me extremely self-conscious. 

I've come to learn that oftentimes, they're worse than run-of-mill breakouts.

photo: Blake Newby

I get hormonal cystic acne due to my period and some birth control mistakes I've made — but that's another story for a different day. The painful, hard bumps are the bane of my existence and cause someone who is already impatient like myself to lose my shit. 

My love story with this extremely expensive product all began with a facial.

photo: Paul Labrecque

It was a Saturday morning, and I was heading to the beautiful Paul Labrecque Salon & Spa for a facial. I was given a menu of different facial options, and I picked the one with the description that best fit what my skin was going through at the time. 

As the facial began, I couldn't ignore the very distinct smells coming from the mystery products used on my face. I probably should have been concerned that something in the room smelled like vinegar and my skin was tingling, but I let my specialist carry on despite that.

I got up from the aesthetician chair, looked in the mirror, and thought, "Wait, is that me?" And that was all apparently due to Biologique Recherche P50 toner.

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Eventually, my curiosity got the best of me and I had to ask about the products being applied to my skin. Though the list was long, the aesthetician continuously mentioned P50. After assessing the state of my skin pre-facial, she told me that this would be the perfect toner for my problematic skin. 

I initially thought she was just trying to up-sell as most aestheticians do, and I nodded my head with her despite having no intention of actually purchasing it. But all of that changed when I got a first look at my skin post-facial. 

It looked so much better. And not just the kind of better when you've done a face mask, I mean AMAZING. My pores looked smaller, my skin was smoother than it had felt it in ages, and the build-up in my skin was gone. I really looked that good. 

After seeing how my skin looked that day, I started to think that maybe splurging on the toner wouldn't be a bad idea. 

photo: Blake Newby

The aesthetician told me that if I used it every morning and every night, my skin would continue to improve. I was skeptical, but this facial felt so different from others I had gotten. Besides the fact that she was so educated about skin in general, there was no denying that after the hour-long facial my skin had done a 180 from when I arrived. 

So I did it. I bought the damn toner.

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All the while praying the $90 chunk out of my budget would be worth it.

Now here's a little background on Biologique Recherche:

photo: Biologique Recherche

Let's start with the pronunciation. Well, actually, I haven't even mastered that yet. This prestigious French brand was founded by biologists and physiotherapists Yvan and Josette Allouche. In an interview with Refinery29, their son and now co-owner of the brand, said, "[Yvan] prepared products for [Josette] and for the patients at the clinics she ran in and around Paris." 

The hero product of Biologique, P50 has become a dominator of beauty awards and is used by models, actresses, and beauty obsessives around the world.

Don't believe me? Google it for yourself. It's literally one of skin care's most beloved products. 

There are a few downsides to it, though. For one, it smells like hell.

photo: Biologique Recherche

Its potent, acidic smell, reminiscent of vinegar, is anything but pleasant. The packaging is nothing to die for, either, but people (including me) are obsessed with keeping it in their medicine cabinets regardless.

Let's be clear: This is not just a cute product that you can color-coordinate with your vanity; this is the product that actually works. And if you're down with a little skin purging in the fight to achieve your best skin ever, then you need this. Period. 

I couldn't tell you what the bottle says even if I wanted to.

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Biologique Recherche is a complete mystery if you don't know any French. On one hand, I feel like maybe I should be more concerned about what I might be putting on my skin without knowing. It works so damn good I've stopped caring entirely. It's highly recommended by both derms and aestheticians, and now it's highly recommended by me — so really, how dangerous could it be?

It also takes a lot of consistent use to see the results I'm talking about.

photo: Blake Newby

After my facial, I began using the toner daily as directed by the aesthetician. My skin underwent a serious purging process. Suddenly, all of my hidden blackheads and blemishes were pushed to the surface. 

While many people's first thought would be to freak out, I already knew this was just a part of the process with P50. After about a week and a half of having bad skin, a newer, more vibrant, clearer layer of skin was revealed. 


All those things be damned. I've basically developed a Biologique addiction.

photo: Biologique Recherce

Because all of its products just work that well. Its signature mask, Masque Vivant, smells like chocolate that's sat in the heat all day. But it's my go-to when I feel a skin revolt on the horizon. Its finishing serum provides my face with hydration like I'd never experienced and brightens prevalent dark spots.

In other words, everything these people make WORKS. 

And I know what you're thinking: $90? Seriously? 

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Yes, seriously. I'm a firm believer in the occasional splurge if it's on something that's worth it. The P50 exfoliation toner is one of those things for me. My skin loves it, and it'll be my go-to until something more spectacular comes around. And that might be never. 

Until then, this toner has my heart. 

I'm not saying that you need this toner in your life ... but you need this toner in your life. 

photo: Blake Newby

It comes in three different variations: Lotion P50, P50V, and P50W. I highly suggest speaking to a specialist before determining which strength is best for you. 

Try it for yourself! 

photo: Biologique Recherche

>> Buy it now

Your wallet might regret it, but your skin sure won't.