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There are few ways more powerful (and eternal!) to show your love and appreciation for someone than with a tattoo. There are tats you can get with your BFF or with your significant other, but tattoos created in honor of family members are particularly special. 

These celebrities decided to get inked up to publicly demonstrate their love for their parents, siblings, children, cousins, and more.

Jonah Hill 

jonah hill beanie tattoo
photo: Instagram/jonahhill

The actor recently debuted his new arm tattoo in honor of his little sister, Beanie Feldstein, who was starring in a Broadway production of "Hello, Dolly!" (His tattoo reads "Hello, Beanie!")


adele A tattoo
photo: YouTube

Adele has a big letter "A" behind her ear in honor of her son, Angelo.

Drew Barrymore

drew barrymore tattoo
photo: Instagram/drewbarrymore

Barrymore has her two kids' names, Olive and Frankie, tattooed on her wrist.

David Beckham

Beckham is virtually covered in tattoos, including a "Harper" tattoo (It's his daughter's name.)

Brooklyn Beckham

brooklyn beckham tattoos
photo: Instagram/brooklynbeckham

Like father, like son. Brooklyn Beckham followed suit by getting many tats in honor of his family, one of which is a series of numbers for his siblings' birth years.

Bella Thorne

bella thorne tattoos
photo: Instagram/bellathorne

Thorne and her twin sister, Dani, have matching tattoos on their feet that say, "If lost, find twin."

Harry Styles

The former One Direction member has his sister's name, Gemma, inked on his arm in Hebrew.

Angelina Jolie

angelina jolie tattoos
photo: Splash

Jolie has the coordinates of all her children's birth locations inked on her arm.

Taye Diggs

taye diggs tattoos
photo: Instagram/tayediggsinsta

Taye Diggs' son must really love him. The actor turned his son's artwork into a permanent arm tattoo.

Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz's finger ink for his daughter, Zoe, is straight and to the point.

Hailey and Ireland Baldwin

hailey baldwin ireland baldwin
photo: Instagram/irelandbaldwin

Hailey and Ireland, who are cousins, got their last name tatted on their middle fingers.

Paris Jackson

What better way to honor the King of Pop than with an elaborate forearm tat? The ink is inspired by Michael Jackson's 1991 "Dangerous" album cover.

Kanye West

West's arms and wrists are dedicated to Kim Kardashian and daughter North.

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