Some people have taken their love for Star Wars and The Mandalorian to the next level, by getting tattoos of the newest fan-favorite character. 

The first season of The Mandalorian hasn't even concluded, but people are already obsessed with one of its cutest characters, Baby Yoda aka The Child, enough to get permanent body art. It's not difficult to see why. The young character is downright adorable and has continued to make waves on the internet. 

Now some of these tattoo ideas are spreading quickly. Especially for die-hard Star Wars fans who already have ink based on the film series. 

The detail on the eyes here makes me literally want to scoop up this little alien. 

Baby Yoda, as the character is so lovingly referred to, has gigantic puppy dog eyes that have the whole world enamored. So of course that has to be a part of a tattoo tribute. This artist went overboard and made the character way too cute. 

The little green alien even looks cute in classic tattooist style. 

In his flying saucer crib, Baby Yoda looks alert and ready to use the Force at any moment. Oh, and a little Hawaiian hibiscus flower is in the corner. One person commented on this adorable ink, "Brilliant."

Baby Yoda's tiny button nose really sticks out in this sparkle tat. 

The Child is not actually a young Yoda, as many fans have now discovered. But the creature is clearly from the same species as the late Jedi master. The original creator of Star Wars, George Lucas, kept Yoda's lineage a secret, so many fans are hoping to get some answers about their favorite character in this spin-off series. 

Baby Yoda has been getting all of the love lately. 

After the character's appearance in the first episode of The Mandalorian, it's made waves on social media as quite possibly the most beloved meme of 2019. As pop culture often works, it's now made its way into beauty trends like tattoos. This simple baby character features the button nose, big eyes, and tufts of hair. 

One artist created a cartoon-style version of the character. 

The Child is actually a puppet in the series, and very little CGI was used to bring it to life. But if there is ever an animated version of the Star Wars spin-off series, it would probably look something like this. "Did this SUPER CUTE BABY YODA tonight  ... haha I had a blast with this one!!" the artist wrote on their Instagram. 

Anyone who already had existing Star Wars tats most likely added the popular character. 

Baby Yoda was a perfect addition to this sci-fi sleeve. Other Star Wars characters are featured on this person's arm, and Baby Yoda is nestled in the crook of their elbow alongside Darth Vader and what looks to be Princess Leia. 

This tattoo art is on a sticker for those who aren't ready for the commitment.

Not ready for a lifelong commitment of a tattoo? Then find some adorable Baby Yoda stickers. Or test out a temporary tattoo from Inkbox. They don't have any Star Wars characters yet, but there are tons of other options to choose from. Or create your own Baby Yoda temporary tat and they'll send it to you to try. 

One artist imagined Baby Yoda shredding on a skateboard. 

Once The Child grows up past its infancy, then it will most likely be a standard cranky teenager. I could imagine the second season of The Mandalorian featuring the pre-teenage character. Other artists imagined Baby Yoda in its meme form, and those results were also hilarious. 

Just look at those little hair tufts? 

Who wouldn't want this adorable body art tatted on them? It's a touch more subtle in the black-and-white form, but still totally recognizable. This artist shared a video with the iconic music in the background to fully encapsulate the Star Wars vibes. 

Or if you want to stay on-trend, this artist does a perfect minimalist version of the sweet creature.

If the rest of your tats are thin and minimal, and you're dying to get the fictional character, then this artist is for you. Baby Yoda is reaching up his tiny hand just like he did in the series. After getting this ink, the person captioned the post, "Baby Yoda is now with me forever! He protecc!"