From Harry Potter to Marvel to Star Wars, there's a whole world of fandoms out there for you to dedicate your tattoo to.

One of the biggest fandoms in the world, Disney, has been a major source of inspiration for tattoo owners and artists everywhere. Whether you're into princesses, magical beasts, talking toys, or fairy tales, there's a Disney tattoo out there for you. The beauty of Disney is that the movies are truly timeless — trust me, no one will ever make fun of you for still getting teary-eyed over Mufasa's death or admitting Aladdin was your first crush. That's exactly what makes Disney so perfect for tattoos!

Check out some of our favorite Disney-inspired tattoos below:

Celebrate the most badass babe in all the seven seas.

We're absolutely obsessed with the color-story and the saturation of this stunning Ursula arm-piece. Bravo!

A smiling Bambi will always cheer you up.

Especially if it's inked as adorably as this full-color sleeve. Amazing!

Mickey and Minnie would make the cutest couple tattoo.

The vintage illustration vibes of these Mickey and Minnie Mouse pieces are so spot on!

Baby Simba is ALWAYS a good idea.

Baby animals are adorable, but nothing is cuter than a baby animal from the Disney universe!

If Belle went to Hogwarts, she'd DEFINITELY be a Gryffindor.

Sorry, Ravenclaw but Belle has the brains, beauty, and loyalty to be a Griffyndor for sure!

Lilo is definitely a Hufflepuff.

We're a little less sure about Stitch though, any suggestions?

Not all Disney tattoos have to be super colorful, though.

The childhood storybook vibes of this delicate Ariel tattoo are so stunning!

Let Flounder splash around on your arm.

What could be cuter than a tiny Flounder tattoo to remind you that you've always got a friend close by?

Or get a grinning Cheshire cat on your hand.

Because a mischievous grin is simply the best kind!

Celebrate the sassiest kitty of all time.

For all you super-duper girly-girls out there, this is just the most fabulous!

Honor the Simba (or the Mufasa) in your life.

The painterly style and majestic mood of this arm-piece are stunning.

Doesn't Belle look like Hermione here?

Always with her head stuck in a book, isn't that just like Belle!

Sadness finally found her smile!

We're just loving how cute and colorful this 'Inside Out' tribute piece is.

If this doesn't make you smile, check your pulse...

because Lilo and Stick are on fire with their coordinated dance moves!

How cute is Pegasus?

He's just ready to march right off your arm and into your arms for a squeeze!


We love how this 'Up' piece pays tribute to an everlasting love story.

A tattoo as old as time.

Great use of line and color in this simplistic 'Beauty and the Beast' inner arm-piece.

Don't forget Eeyore!

Or any of the other adorable 'Winnie the Pooh' characters. What about Piglet?

Whether you're an evil queen...

(who loves to look at her fully made-up face in any shiny surface)

... or a princess at heart...

(just like little Moana pictured here)

... let these Disney tattoos be part of your world.

Who else get's teary-eyed every time you watch this super sweet 'Dumbo' scene?

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