photo: Revelist/ Brittany Fowler

Good skin care habits are some of the many valuable lessons my mother began teaching me at a young age.  

And it's a good thing she did, because I developed extreme hyper-pigmentation and rosacea in the third grade. Seeing how self-conscious I was about it, my mother (a DIY beauty enthusiast before it was even cool) quickly consulted her book of beauty concoctions. 

She came up with this magic mask that has helped moisturize my skin and reduce my redness.  


All of the ingredients are probably in your kitchen right now.

photo: Revelist/ Brittany Fowler

It's just one spoonful each of yogurt, extra virgin olive oil, oats, and milk. 


The mixture is specially targeted for reducing redness.

photo: Revelist/ Brittany Fowler

Like with any mask, you have to wait. Feel free to dig into the yogurt.

photo: Revelist/ Brittany Fowler

After a good rinse...

photo: Revelist/Jessica Torres

...your skin will feel nice and smooth.

photo: Revelist/ Jessica Torres

Here's the full video!