The first time I saw Dr. Brandt's magnetic Magnetight Age-Defier Mask on my Instagram feed, I was mesmerized. Like nothing I, a known skin-care fiend, had ever seen before, the mask won me over with its strange, triangular magnet that seemed to suck dirt out of pores with ease.

Not long after that, the Magnetight mask blew up, and it was inescapable on my feed. Influencers, YouTubers, and makeup artists began to swear by it, and brands jumped to create their own versions. I knew I had to try it. That being said, I was extremely hesitant due to its hefty $75 price tag.

But all's fair in love, war, and beauty — and sometimes a high cost can be worth it. Was that the case for Dr. Brandt's magic magnet mask? I spent the big bucks to find out.

The packaging alone of the Dr. Brandt Magnetight Mask ($75, Sephora) won me over from the start.

MAGNETIGHT Age-Defier Mask
photo: Angela Andaloro

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My mask's box got a little scuffed up on its way to me, but it didn't matter — I knew I was still about to live the #LuxuryLife thanks to the product inside.

I expected the magnet to be large and heavy, but it kind of looked and felt like a big guitar pick.

MAGNETIGHT magnet Dr. Brandt
photo: Angela Andaloro

The spatula (so you don't get your hands dirty while applying the mask) was also tinier than I'd anticipated.

MAGNETIGHT spatula Dr. Brandt
photo: Angela Andaloro

 I briefly wondered if it was going to take forever to get the mask on with it.

After taking the actual mask out of the box, I began to realize why this thing is so expensive — even the jar is luxurious. It's heavy, made of glass, and completely indestructible.

MAGNETIGHT Age Defier Jar Dr. Brandt
photo: Angela Andaloro

Within the first minute of pulling the mask out of the box, I dropped it. Whoops. Thankfully, it held up.

I usually get headaches from skin care that's too heavily scented, but Magnetight ($75, Sephora) has a subtle lavender and citrus smell that I immediately fell in love with.

MAGNETIGHT Age Defier Dr. Brandt jar open
photo: Angela Andaloro

Just to see what I was getting into before I doused my face with the stuff, I tested the mask on my hand and was delightfully surprised.

MAGNETIGHT Age Defier Dr. Brandt swatch
photo: Angela Andaloro

Upon first swatch, it felt impossibly light and airy, like there was nothing on my skin at all. After a minute, I tapped the silky formula away, and it revealed beautifully smooth skin underneath. It left the feeling of having put on a very light serum.

My face, I knew, was about to be in heaven.

My skin pre-Magnetight needed a heavy dose of TLC thanks to New York City's unbearable summer humidity and smog.

skin before
photo: Angela Andaloro

I have combination skin with an oily T-zone and dryness everywhere else. Despite my daily moisturizing efforts, my face can look completely dehydrated by the end of the day.

The creamy formula of the mask and the spatula, which I regretted doubting at first, made applying Magnetight a breeze.

applying Dr. Brandt MAGNETIGHT Age Defier
photo: Angela Andaloro

Everything spread quickly and evenly.

I sat with the mask on my face for the recommended five to 10 minutes, but could hardly wait to get my hands on that magnet and get to the fun part.

MAGNETIGHT Dr. Brandt mask applied
photo: Angela Andaloro

I ran into one tiny problem while removing the mask, but that doesn't mean it wasn't fun as all hell.

photo: Angela Andaloro

The mask's directions suggest wrapping the magnet in a tissue for the removal process so you don't have to clean the magnet later — but my tissues clearly weren't strong enough.

MAGNETIGHT magnet covered with tissue
photo: Angela Andaloro

That being said, the mask still came off easily thanks to the strength of the magnet. I could see all of the gunk it pulled out of my skin.

MAGNETIGHT magnet with residue
photo: Angela Andaloro

You could also see all the tiny iron particles that make this mask magnetic, which sang directly to my admittedly geeky heart.

I tried the mask again later in the week with a thin face cloth instead of a tissue, and I felt like I'd finally nailed how to use this product.

photo: Angela Andaloro

The cloth kept my magnet clean, but still allowed it to do its job.

removing MAGNETIGHT Age Defier mask
photo: Angela Andaloro

It left just enough residue on my skin to rub in, as the directions suggest. I never had to rinse my face off after using this sucker. It left a serum-like sheen on my face, which felt delightful after a long day in the sticky weather.

After just a few uses, my skin has never felt so glorious — and I've tried a lot of face masks.

after selfie
photo: Angela Andaloro

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Dr. Brandt's Magnetight mask ($75, Sephora) made my skin feel silky and moisturized minus that greasy feeling some products can leave. I actually could not stop touching my face after using it. 

Did I feel that I got bang for my buck? Totally. If your budget allows and you want to put a little fun in your skin routine, I'd absolutely recommend Magnetight. And if it doesn't, there are always dupes.