photo: Courtesy of the brand

The snow outside may be pretty, but cracked winter skin is not. While there are many great moisturizers and serums for combating dry skin, Drunk Elephant is blowing up the skin care world with the F-Balm Electrolyte Waterfacial, its newest product. F-Balm is a sleeping mask intended for repairing the moisture barrier and deep nighttime nourishment. Dry skin or not, don't we all need deep nourishment?

F-Balm includes some serious powerhouse ingredients, including its namesake vitamin F. Let's take a look at F-Balm's chemical goodies, as well as what those goodies actually do for the skin.

What the eff does vitamin F actually do?

Great question! As Skin Inc. explains, vitamin F is a group of lipids known as "essential fatty acids," which gives skin plumpness and bounce. Thinking back to Chemistry 101, lipids are hydrophobic, which means that they repel water. It's why water and oil don't mix. 

So how does that help dry skin? Don't you want more water in dry skin? Vitamin F acts as an occlusive, keeping water and hydrating chemicals in the skin, allowing it to repair itself. 

F-Balm also includes other hydration heavy-hitters.

As Allure reports, the F-Balm Waterfacial also contains squalane oil, niacinamide (which brightens skin and helps regulate oil production), five types of ceramides, and sodium PCA, which is a humectant and moisture agent.

Here's how it fits in with the rest of the Drunk Elephant pack.

Currently, the Drunk Elephant product lineup boasts two moisturizers, Lala Retro and Protini Polypeptide, and its B-Hydra serum. F-Balm is meant to be used as an overnight mask, to be applied as your final nighttime skin-care step. If your skin is really parched, you can also mix it with your daily moisturizer during the day.

Allure also reports that the texture is "cooling and luxuriously hydrating," which makes us even more stoked to test-drive F-Balm.

Aaaand here is the F-Balm fine print.

photo: Courtesy of the brand

Get ready for 2020, because the F-Balm Electrolyte Waterfacial will be available on January 1 at Sephora and It will retail for $52 and comes in the same airless pump container as the Sukari Babyfacial mask. Spend New Year's Day recovering with F-Balm slathered all over your face.