At 34, I don't go out nearly as much as I did in my 20s. But I'd be lying if I said I don't love to get down on the dance floor. And since I don't get out much, especially now that we're all social distancing, when I do set up a Zoom party with my friends, I like to beat my face to the gods. 

I'm talking setting powder, three types of primers, my new Fenty Beauty mascara that gives me unreal lashes, and more. For this look, I wanted something that would typically sparkle in a dark club, but didn't necessarily want to wear glitter. So I piled on the Bronze Blaze shadow from my favorite Pat McGrath Labs Bronze Seduction palette. I swished some hot pink and cherry red shadows from the Hip Dot SpongeBob SquarePants palette around — my look got a little sloppy, but who cares? I'm just trying to party in my living room.

The Found Beauty Makeup Wipes And Remover Balm Took The Party Off My Face
photo: Meagan Fredette

By the time I attempted to wash off the makeup, it was very late or very early, depending on your preference. As you can see, I'd danced off most of my blush and contour, but my eye makeup, while smudged, stood firmly in place. Unlike me, I'd had a bit to drink, so I was stumbling and spinning. Clearly, I needed to take my makeup off and go to bed.

Removing makeup while tipsy is a process. How many times have you just thrown up your hands and said, "Nope! Not gonna do it!" while drunkenly staring at a full face of makeup in the mirror? It's like you can hear your bed begging you to curl up under the blankets and save your clogged pores for the morning. Let's be real, drunk makeup removal is an impossible task.

Reader, somehow, I managed to get this stuff off my face. Thanks to Found Beauty, I massaged the Makeup Removing Balm all over my face with closed eyes and gently wiped it off with the Jasmine Calming Face Wipes. Using both products together made it so easy to cleanse my skin — and it took me about one and a half minutes to remove everything. In tipsy time, that was the blink of a glittery eye.

LOOK AT THIS BARE FACE. I still marvel at how I managed to remove all that makeup in my inebriated state, but the Found Beauty products are certified afterparty-friendly.

The next morning, my skin thanked me for taking the makeup off. In return, I silently thanked the Found Beauty Makeup Remover Balm and Jasmine Cleansing Wipes. Next time, I'm going to leave them out on my bathroom counter for when the party winds down — hopefully I'll be in a more lucid state of mind!