People will go to very expensive — and very crazy — measures to have glowing and spot-free skin. Especially celebrities, who are constantly being photographed and whose lives are always under a microscope.

Hailey Bieber, for examples, swears by a facial in which blood is taken from her arm and then slathered all over her face. Kim Kardashian swears by a similar treatment called the "vampire facial." So metal, right? 

But then there are the downright gross facial treatments as well. Victoria Beckham? She reportedly undergoes the "nightingale" facial, which uses bird poo as a primary ingredient. Angelina Jolie's favorite treatment involves extract from fish eggs. Sandra Bullock treats dark circles with hemorrhoid cream — celebrities, they're just like us!

And while we're on the subject of crazy facial treatments, we've got to talk about the new Game of Thrones–inspired facial that's taking over Hollywood. It looks utterly horrifying, but specialists swear by it. Take a peek below and try not to flinch at how gross it looks.