Glossier is out to help beauty fans pump up their skin-care routines with more moisture in a super-convenient way! The beloved beauty brand has been on a roll with its release of Glossier Play for the party girls and smartly paced releases of hybrid skin-care products for its loyal customer base. 

The latest Glossier two-in-one product is an eye cream meant to give the most sensitive areas of our faces the TLC they deserve! Anyone who prefers to save time and room in their skin-care arsenals with products that pull double-duty should prepare themselves.

The brand first teased its newest beauty product by reminding fans that it's always paying attention.

"2019 needs to be the year that @glossier finally puts out an eye cream," a fan wrote during the first week of January. Glossier screenshotted the message and shared it with an announcement. "Tomorrow—eye cream gets Glossier," the brand wrote. Sigh. It's pretty hard to not stan a brand that gives its loyal customers exactly what they ask for. 

And behold, the brand fulfilled its fans' wishes with a product that works beyond the eyes!

"The Glossier eye cream, our most requested skincare product EVER, is here," the brand wrote on Instagram. "And it isn’t just an eye cream—it’s an eye *and* lip cream. Meet Bubblewrap ($26, Glossier)." 

Well, hello, you multitasking beauty! It's about time you and my skin got acquainted. 

Glossier explained why it opted to create a formula that works for the eyes and lips. 

"Why eye and lip cream? Well, the skin around your eyes [and] lips is more delicate than the rest of your face," Glossier captioned this video on Instagram. "So we made an extra cushiony, antioxidant-rich, 'handle with care' layer specially designed for *both* zones. Meet Bubblewrap now on"

The eye cream also has specific ingredients for hydration, which is the key to keep the skin under the eyes and around the lips nice and bouncy!

"Bubblewrap’s featherweight texture comes from a unique water-in-oil emulsion and features superfruit Blueberry Extract, smoothing Peptides, [and] two forms of hyaluronic acid to give skin the moisture [and] protection it deserves," the brand explained. 

Additionally, the Glossier website boasts that the eye cream is hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, ophthalmologist-tested, safe for contact lens wearers, safe for sensitive eyes, cruelty-free, and vegan.

Now is the perfect time to remind you that applying anything to your under-eye area requires a careful hand.

"Your ring finger has a new job. Tap, tap, tap (gently!) Bubblewrap onto under eyes and lips after cleansing but before other moisturizers to deliver Bubblewrap’s actives closest to skin," Glossier advises.

Because these are your most sensitive areas, it's important to tap the product under and around your eyes gently until the product sinks into the skin. Rubbing and tugging only puts more wear and tear on that delicate skin in the long run, which can cause wrinkles. 

One Glossier fan wanted to know if the cream works for dark circles specifically!

"@Glossier does the eye cream help with puffiness and darkness as well?" she asked. 

"While Bubblewrap wasn’t formulated to treat dark circles or depuff eyes, after application, skin immediately looks and feels plump with hydration, fresh, and deeply moisturized" 

The short answer is no. This cream doesn't treat dark circles. However, dryness under your eyes can trigger dark circles, so it's a great prevention method. If you already have dark circles, then you may want to try a different product altogether or combine Bubblewrap with something else.

Doesn't Bubblewrap look so pretty sitting next to her sisters?

The Bubblewrap eye cream will join 18 other Glossier skin-care products. The ones featured in the photo are the Milky Oil ($12, Glossier), Solution Exfoliating Skin Protector ($24, Glossier), Soothing Face Mist Rose Water Spray ($15, Glossier). 

Don't forget that Glossier also has a few skin-care sets available. We could be getting a skin care package with the Bubblewrap eye and lip cream included at some point in the future!

A few influencers have already tried the product.

Let's go ahead and acknowledge the fact that influencers and brands can have relationships that casual beauty fans are skeptical of for valid reasons. The best thing you can do is to see if you can locate an influencer that you trust who has tried the product or will try it in the future. 

As for writer Liz Hew, she had this to share about Bubblewrap:

"Bubblewrap! I was kindly gifted this 2-in-1 eye and lip plumping cream and it has the nicest feeling formula! It’s great to layer under makeup or on its own and keeps your delicate eye and lip area... it feels super lightweight and non-greasy as it’s fast absorbing, so say bye to any makeup pilling." 

Influencer Amy Serrano loved how the cream wears under lipstick.

"It has a silk-like consistency and wears [very] well under makeup. For lips, it does a great job of prepping... them without changing the formulation of any lipstick you put on," she wrote. "Left with fleshy full lips and smooth under-eyes." 

Please note that Serrano didn't tap her cream in underneath her eyes. No judgment to the beauty, but Revelist fans, if YOU don't get into the habit of tapping instead of rubbing/pulling underneath your eyes, then I'm calling the police. OK?!

Happy Bubblewrapping!

photo: Giphy

I'm just kidding! Seriously, if you're down to try the new Glossier Bubblewrap eye and lip cream, then it's available on the Glossier website right now. I'm not sure if it'll be kinder to eyes, lips, or both equally, but be sure to tag your Revelist squad in photos to let us know.

Yay for more skin care from Glossier!