Morticia Addams, blessed queen of flawless skin.

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Halloween is a mere two weeks away — and that means it's time to stop what you're doing, and really THINK about what you're going to dress up as this year.

And if you're a beauty-lover thinking about scary shit in 2017, you inevitably think of one thing: face masks. Because for some reason, skin care got TERRIFYING this year, which is bad news for the easily-spooked, but great news if you're looking for a Halloween costume that doubles as facial hydration.

To be clear: I'm not saying you SHOULD wear these masks as Halloween lewks — you should only ever wear face masks as long as the directions tell you to. But if you're looking to get ~gorgeous~ while also looking as scary as possible, give one of these 9 accidentally terrifying masks a try.

The Hanacure multi-action treatment mask, $29

hanacure mask
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You've definitely seen the Hanacure mask ($29, Hanacure) on Instagram — every influencer worth their salt has posted selfies of this mask warping their features as it dries. While this mask may make you look like a horror movie character as it dries, the results cannot be argued with — this mask gives me the best skincare results I've ever seen outside of a doctor's office.

Kaprielle 24K gold mask, $95

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For true luxury witches, the Kaprielle gold mask ($95, Kaprielle) will turn your beautiful mug into a semi-precious golden mirror. Jess tested this gold leaf mask earlier in the year, and found that it firmed and hydrated her skin pretty noticeably — as well as looking cool as hell.

Casmara gold peel-off mask, $15

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SPEAKING OF GOLD! Molding masks like this one ($15, Amazon) are really popular in Korea right now — so I decided to test this gold version. My skin felt really hydrated afterwards, but the drippy, hardened mask in between? PURE Halloween magic.

KNC collagen-infused lip mask, $25

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Made famous by Emma Stone, this massive lip mask ($25, KNC Beauty) could be the ultimate Halloween costume for a ~deep sea mutated mermaid~ (which is my life goal). This lip mask promises to soothe, de-chap, and plump lips, all while making the lower half of your face look like Patrick Star from Bikini Bottom. Score.

Dr. Jart+ Rubber Lover masks, $12 each

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Made of a rubber-like jelly that aids in absorption (and stops evaporation), these Dr. Jart+ masks ($12 each, Sephora) provide amazing skin benefits — and look absolutely terrifying in the bargain.

Emoji sheet masks, $18 for 8

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I have ever, ever been so afraid of something that's supposed to be so funny ($18 for 8 masks, Amazon).

GLAMGLOW Gravitymud firming treatment, $69

glamglow gravity mud
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GLAMGLOW's classic metallic mask ($69, Sephora) is spooky robot weirdness that also leaves your skin feeling refreshed, firmed, and glowing. It also comes in Sonic blue, green, and gold — so no matter what ~spooky scary~ color scheme you're sticking to, these lil pots of skincare magic can help.

Neutrogena light therapy acne mask, $30

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If you want to look like a badass robot for Halloween — which is always, let's be honest — this LED light therapy mask from Neutrogena ($30, Amazon) may do the trick. The special red and blue lights help reduce redness and kill bacteria that cause acne. Also, you can wear it and kind of feel like sexy Daft Punk.

DKCC Ice Cooling Mask, $34

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Jess tried this super-spooky ice cube mask ($34, Amazon) earlier in the year. It truly looks like a makeup test for an old-school Batman villain. Though you have to freeze this mask before you wear it for all the redness-busting properties, you could also just put it right on your face and make it your costume.