hanacure mask review
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When it comes to buzzy skin care that actually works, there's only one name you need to know: Hanacure.

The Hanacure mask, sometimes also called "the grandma mask" for the terrifying (and, let's face it, totally Instagrammable) way that the gel cracks and hardens as it sets, sometimes also called "the most intense face mask in the world."

It may make you look like a terrifying witch as you use it, but once you wash it off, the results are undeniable.

I tried the Hanacure mask for the first time in 2017, and I've been a loyal devotee ever since. In my original Hanacure review, I summed up my instant results as follows:

"My skin tone was more even. My one hormonal blemish was visibly smaller and WAY less red — in fact, the majority of the subtle hyper-pigmentation I have was almost totally gone. My pores looked smaller. My (admittedly minor) lines looked significantly softer. And though you can't stroke my cheeks through the screen, trust when I say that my face was as smooth as a baby's butt. I have never, ever seen such significant, almost-immediate results from a non-professional skin care product. It's AMAZING."

I have used the Hanacure mask every week for nearly a year, and I love how it makes my skin look and feel.

But I'm not alone.

Hanacure was evidently so inundated with glowing reviews like mine that the brand began a fan page for itself — @hanacureeffect. Showcasing results from customers ranging from Drew Barrymore to yours truly, the before and afters shared by the brand are the best marketing imaginable.

Here are 16 stunning testimonials that explain why you should give this insanely hardcore mask a try.

This fan shows the effect the Hanacure mask had on her melasma.

"The ONLY product/service that got rid of my melasma! I couldn’t believe it. I tell everyone about this and they all love it too. Incredible product!" -Connie R.

Get a load of this GLOW!

"Amazing when I washed my face and even more impressive the next morning." - Patricia S.

This regular Hanacure fan has experienced *so* much improvement with her complexion, it's unbelievable.

"This is my third treatment and my skin keeps getting better with each use! I’m so glad I took a chance on this product. I’ve noticed a shrinkage of pores, my fine lines have all gone away and my acne scars have been buffed out. I’ve been posting my results on my IG account and all my friends are stunned at my new complexion. No need for Botox treatments since my frown lines have all gone!!!" -Jacqueline H

And sometimes it's not even really about the physical results as much as the confidence having a bomb skincare routine can give you.

"It looks like this product works! Some reviews say that it looks like it's taken 10 years off their faces but I'm only 25, so I wasn't expecting some HUGE change to begin with... it would be strange to look 15... BUT it does look like it slightly softened the lines starting to form on my forehead, as wells as the lines around my nose and lips area. The lines around my nose and lips area are a bit of a complex of mine, so I'm super happy that this seems to have an effect on them."

Even in different lighting, look at this overall radiance level.

"15 years gone in 30 minutes! Worth every cent. Thank you!" - Lia J.

Even people with acne sing the praises of Hanacure.

"Thank you Hanacure!!! You changed my life!!"

I mean, this is ASTONISHING.

"... I'm so glad I don't get cystic acne anymore, but few pimples here and there. Nothing compared to before!!!! I used to get super red and inflamed to the point I would develop bruises on my face! Before Hanacure I've tried facials, proactive, dermatologist, antibiotics, and nothing would help me! Thank you Hanacure for giving me the confidence going into 9th grade! I will keep you updated on my journey!" - Ellen

Used as part of a solid skin care routine, Hanacure fans say the mask has truly helped them handle their acne.

"Thank you! I truly believe your product has helped my face tremendously."

Honestly, results like these are so impressive.

"Trust the process! I'm excited to share my journey with you. Don't get discouraged with yourself and your skin. I know how it can be depressing at times having to deal with acne. I know the struggle all so much. But I'm here to say that struggle is over... just wait for it!" — Jazmine.

Fans say the Hanacure mask also helps to fade acne scars.

"One of my favorites. This mask just makes wonders. I used to have breakouts. I tried everything! From apple cider vinegar to laser treatments, unfortunately nothing helped. I was so desperate to get rid of them, because i never had any skin problems even when i a teenager, so I wanted to get my clear "acneless" skin back. Then i tried Hanacure all in one mask. To be honest at first I didn't expect a great results. However after a month of application i noticed that my breakouts reduced significantly. Even my scars started to fade. I couldn't be happier to notice the difference. This mask just magical! Now i have one or two breakouts in a while , but compare to that i had they seem nothing." - Tuya

And they claim they see results really quickly!

"Aftermath of the time lapse video. Just look at how much the mask spurred my skin to heal in only two days!!!"

(This is the part where I remind you all to see a dermatologist if you have painful, persistent, or severe acne — sometimes topical intervention will not be enough!)

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Make sure you don't accidentally see THE Doctor, though. Something tells me he's not licensed to practice medicine.

While some Hanacure fans experience reduced redness...

"Saw my cousin using this and she has great skin so I figured why not... OMG! I love It! It made my skin so smooth and it made so many tiny wrinkles go away A+ in my opinion!" — Nicola A.

...some see smaller pores...


...and others feel like the mask does wonders for lines...

hanacure review
photo: @hanacureeffect / Instagram

"I am in my mid 60s Hanacure made me look 5years younger. It's really cool to see my wrinkles look so much less. Will keep you posted." - Vicki K.

...EVERYONE loves the Hanacure glow.

"I ❤️ the mask- my skin was glowing like never before afterwards."

And the best part? It only takes one mask, says the brand's fans, to see a noticeable difference.

"I can't believe what 1 mask does. Left is before, right is after. So much less red!"

The ONLY place you can buy the Hanacure mask is via the brand's official online store — accept no imitations.

Pick up a single mask or a pack of four on the Hanacure website and prepare for the best skin of your life.