If you're not a Harry Potter fan, you've probably seen a Harry Potter tattoo and assumed it was some weird symbol. Maybe you thought that "always" referred to a current or past relationship, or the tiny lightning bolt was some kitchy thing for people obsessed with thunderstorms.

The true magic behind Harry Potter tattoos is that many of them are so low-key, you wouldn't even know they were inspired by the wizarding world unless you got a closer look (or, you know, asked the person with the tattoo.) If you were thinking of getting some magical ink to make up for the fact that your Hogwarts letter is STILL lost in the mail, we got you covered.

That's no ordinary teacup.

The use of color and detail in this upper-arm piece is so bold, we love it!

Dumbledore would approve.

It's so cool to see Hogwarts from this angle!

Mrs. Weasley's sweaters will keep you snuggled year-round.

I didn't think anybody liked Mrs. Weasly's sweaters this much!

Perfect for when your friends are still calling it "Wingardium LevioSAR."

This amazing arm-piece is a tribute to 'Harry Potter' and feminism all at the very same time!

Inter-House friendships are encouraged.

Wands have more fun!

Celebrate your favorite drink on your ankle.

Did you know you can actually try butterbeer in real life, and not just at Universal Studios. It comes in a can!

Your sternum is a perfect place for the deathly hallows.

This is a cool and intricate tattoo that even non-HP fans can appreciate.

Tell your friends to meet you at the platform.

What do you think, could you convince all of your friends to get matching wizard tattoos?

Harry has never been cuter.

This one looks like a Margaret Keane painting, 'Big Eyes' anyone?

"Expecto Patronum" the haters away.

Such an empowering action shot of Harry doing his Patronus spell!

This is no dragon.

What form does your patronus take?

Here's another cute Patronus tatt for the animal lovers out there.

Even witches need cookbooks.

We can't get enough of the bright purple and teal which make this witchy arm piece stand out for miles!

What, your ice cream doesn't come with a side of snitch?

This cartoonish piece is super girly and that's what we love about it!

These stars appear on every page of the books, and they'll be right at home on your skin.

This is for those of you who are into a more minimalist vibe but still want to convey your fandom!

This mandrake is just too dang cute.

Dobby would also be a cute addition to this collection, don't cha think?

So remember...

If Hermione Granger and Margot Tenenbaum had a love child, this is what she would look like...

No matter how much the Muggles try to get you down...

This piece is a celebration of all the magic and wonder present in the entire 'Harry Potter' series and we're obsessed!

Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.

This is minimalist perfection and we're so int it. Simplicity can be so beautiful.

Evil has no place here.

These ones must have taken hours, the detail is just immaculate.