Bleach is the great hero of the beauty world: we bleach our hair, our brows, and even our moustaches (hey, we keep it real). And now, the DIY beauty queen of YouTube wants you to bleach... your armpits.

That's right. Farah Dhukai, whose super-quick beauty tutorials basically rule Instagram, is showing you how to bleach your pits — as well as why you'd want to. And it's so easy, you'll probably be wondering why you haven't been doing it all along.

Farah begins by showing off her armpits. "DARK UNDERARMS," she writes. "It happens. Here’s how to prevent/treat it and get fresh glowing pits!."

Her first tip: STOP SHAVING! "esp if u are brown!"

"Brown skin hyper-pigments easily when it is damaged and shaving irritates/damages skin!" Farah writes on Instagram. "WAX/THREAD/LASER instead!"

Next, she mixes up the DIY lightener (which only has two ingredients).

She combines 1 tablespoon of honey with the powder from three activated charcoal tablets, then mixes everything together really well. Make sure the consistency isn't too runny, and the color is really black. "You can make more or less of this if you want," says Farah. "Store extras in the fridge — make sure no one eats it."

Next, paint the lightening mixture on to clean, dry underarms and leave it on for 20 minutes.

"You can relax your arms," Farah adds. "You don't need to keep them up like a monkey." When the time is up, wipe the mixture away with a warm washcloth, or rinse it off in the shower.

Farah is really knowledgable about DIY recipes; here's why she says that this concoction works.

"Honey is a natural bleaching agent," she says. "It releases hydrogen peroxide (bleach) which will lighten the darkness... Honey is also a great anti-bacterial and moisturizer (dry skin can give the illusion of uneven skin so itll help moisturize it)."

As for the activated charcoal, current darling of the DIY beauty scene, she says "Activated Charcoal is a detox — so it cleans/pulls out all the impurities/toxins and nasties from the underarm leaving you smelling FRESH."

And truly, you can't argue with the end result!

The discoloration is gone, and Farah seems totally delighted by the results — which is, of course, what matters most.

Here's the entire video, which is worth a watch for Farah's amazing facial expressions alone.

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Are you going to try out this armpit-lightening DIY?

I've never thought a whole lot about the color of my armpits, but I'm totally intrigued by this! Anyway, lmk your thoughts in the comments or over on Facebook!