Kylie Jenner just announced a new coconut-themed collection due out from her Kylie Skin brand, and of course, everyone has lots of opinions. Among the opinionated is superstar beauty influencer Jeffree Star, but who's really surprised? He's built his career off giving his honest opinion — whether good or bad — on whatever brands his fans want him to review, and Star never hesitates to share when he abhors a new product on the market, or in this case, a brand entirely. The other reason no one should be surprised at Star tossing a little shade in the direction of Kylie Skin is that he has a history of dragging her beauty products. 

So, when a fan chastised him for throwing a little shade toward Jenner's new coconut-themed launch, Star delivered a clapback in the Jeffree-est way possible. What can we say? Shade and epic clapbacks are in Star's blue blood. Ha!

Jeffree Star kept his response short and shady when Trendmood announced the new Kylie Skin products on Instagram.

"Hahahahahha," Star wrote in the comments section. Clearly, his laugh was meant to communicate how much of a joke he really thinks Kylie Skin is. Once again, his response is no surprise since this isn't his first time sharing what he thinks of Jenner's skin-care brand, her makeup, and her overall presence in the beauty industry. Star simply isn't a fan and is unafraid to voice it.

A critic hopped into the comments to chastise Jeffree Star for his shady response to the new Kylie Skin products. 

The critic called out Star and accused him of not keeping his word about staying out of drama. "Mhhh... Wasn't you tired of drama? Are you the same who said you will not involve in any scandal coming? You can't keep with your own words. Be consistent and practice what you speak," the person wrote. 

In true Jeffree Star form, he delivered a very swift clapback and let the fan know that he has every right to share his opinion on Kylie Jenner's skin-care brand.

"You should probably have a seat because as a human being on this planet, I'm allowed to comment on anyone's releases; it's also my job...," Star wrote to the critic. He also didn't hesitate to reiterate exactly why he doesn't like the Kylie Skin products. "Her first skin-care drop was a complete joke and was basically a money grab so relax before trying to come for me. I'd rather save millions of people money than letting them be ripped off by a celebrity."

Jeffree Star has pretty much kept his opinions on Kylie Skin very consistent. 

He reviewed Kylie Jenner's first skin-care release with Shane Dawson and shared that he was pretty much unimpressed by the offerings. He also specifically said that he felt "basic" using her skin care. Additionally, Star commented that Jenner ripped off her eye cream from Tatcha. Star insinuated that he doesn't exactly believe that Jenner's skin-care sold out because it was in high demand. "The numbers were very low," he speculated. That means he thinks Jenner started out with a low stock count, to begin with. 

(Honesty hour: I've had that same speculation about both Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian's beauty releases. It's easy to sell out when you do not have a lot of products available to start.)

Jeffree Star also isn't the only one who has negative feelings about Kylie Jenner's skin-care products. In fact, that was the general consensus in the Trendmood comments. 

"This packaging just keeps getting cheaper and cheaper-looking. The pink version at least had a minimal feel. This is just... sigh," one person wrote. Actually, this has been a very common critique of both Kylie Jenner's cosmetics and skin-care brand. Lots of critics have expressed that her products seem to have cheap packaging. People shared that sentiment especially concerning the initial Kylie Skin launches.

One beauty fan feels people can simply get higher quality skin-care products for a lower price elsewhere.

"I can get nicer packaging, similar scents, and probably better results from a body shop near me where I can experience the products in the store, and don’t have [to] order them from someone who is [known] for awful costumer [sic] service. I’m sorry, Kylie, if it weren’t for your name and celebrity status, your brand wouldn’t get any attention," one critic wrote. 

Ouch. I'm pretty sure Kylie Jenner felt this sting all the way in Calabasas. This critic did not hold back. 

If you do disagree with Jeffree Star and other critics about the quality of Kylie Skin, then you'll be pleased to know that this collection drops in mere days.

The new Kylie Skin collection is coconut-themed and features a Coconut Body Lotion ($24, Kylie Skin), a Coconut Body Scrub ($26, Kylie Skin), and a Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen Oil ($32, Kylie Skin). You can also snag all three products in a full bundle for $80 OR just the body scrub and lotion for $48. This Kylie Skin collection drops on July 22, which means you have one exact week to get your affairs in order. 

If you're Team Jeffree, then you can sit out this launch and just wait in hopes that he'll deliver another hilarious Kylie Skin review!