Kaia Gerber has a new tattoo
photo: Splash News

Kaia Gerber is the queen of chic style and is owning every runway in fashion weeks worldwide. 

The supermodel, and daughter of Cindy Crawford, recently posed topless on her Instagram and showed off an adorable tiny angel tattoo on her left ribcage. This tiny tat is only one of several minimalist inks the model has across her entire body. 

Her brother, Presley Gerber, recently came under fire for his own ink. The 20-year-old inked "misunderstood" on his cheekbone directly under his eye, and it had all of social media up in arms. 

Kaia Gerber posed totally topless in this photo, but only showed off her minimalist tattoo designs. 

Gerber captioned this photo, "elf," possibly referring to her pointed ears peeking out from her tucked bob hairstyle. The model showed off a tiny angel tattoo on her left ribcage, as well as a few other small designs on her arms, torso, and back.

The stunning supermodel has a series of mini tattoos on her body. 

The angel tattoo is actually one of the model's larger designs. She also has a tiny heart on her shoulder and a few other sayings across her arms. 

Gerber's tattoo post comes soon after her brother's controversial face tat.

Gerber's brother, Presley, showed off his controversial face tattoo in an Instagram post. The 20-year-old went under the tattoo gun and posed with his artist. People thought that Kaia's brother was trying to rid himself of his rich-boy persona by getting "misunderstood" inked in such a prominent place. 

Clearly, the siblings don't mind getting tatted. 

The 18-year-old Kaia already has a number of tattoos. Presley went onto an Instagram live stream to explain the statement and placement of his face tat. It didn't stop people from questioning his motives. 

The comments on Kaia's photo were much kinder than those her brother received.

Kaia's famous friends all left loving messages on her sultry post. Paris Hilton, Ashley Benson, Gracie Abrams, and more all thought the young supermodel looked stunning, and clearly appreciated her minimalist ink designs. Unfortunately, her brother received far more hurtful remarks. 

Gerber's tiny tats have not slowed down her fast modeling career.

The 18-year-old has followed in her mother's footsteps and is one of the biggest supermodels in the fashion industry. The young model has headlined multiple events and opened and closed shows for the biggest designers. She is the muse for multiple designers, like the late Karl Lagerfeld. 

From this throwback post, it seems like a young Kaia liked tattoos as much as she does now. 

Gerber shared an adorable throwback photo of herself with temporary tats. Clearly, her love for ink is still as strong as ever.