Another day, another celebrity giving heinously bad skincare advice. Today's culprit: Kendall Jenner, who in a "KenDIY" post on her website, shares a recipe that she claims will cure acne, shrink pores, and balance your skin's pH levels.

And it's a lie. A terrible, terrible lie.

Kendall — who is not a dermatologist — says that a mask made of an egg white and the juice of half a lemon is all you need for ~flawless~ skin.

In the past, she's also recommended lemon juice mixed with baking soda and honey as a pimple spot-treatment.

This is TERRIBLE advice.

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As I have said many, many times — YOU SHOULD NEVER, EVER PUT LEMON JUICE ON YOUR FACE. It is terrible for your skin! To quote myself, because I can:

"Lemons are full of citric acid, which will nuke the top layer of your skin. As anyone who ever put lemon juice in their hair knows, citric acid is also photosensitive — meaning it reacts with the sun. On your skin, this can lead to discoloration and dark spots... which is pretty much what you're trying to get rid of."
And if you have acne-prone skin, which Kendall does, it's even worse. Lemon juice, an acid, doesn't "balance" your pH as much as it "totally throws it out of whack" — and if it gets into any healing blemishes, it will irritate them and make them WAY worse.

This "super-easy DIY" is not how Kendall maintains her perfect skin.

Kendall, who suffered such horrific acne that it affected her self-esteem, cleared up her skin with the help of one of the best dermatologists in the world, Dr. Christine Kidd. Even with her doctor's professional help, it took several years (Kendall's words) for her skin to clear up. She now relies on extremely expensive laser treatments (Laser Genesis, if you're wondering) to keep her complexion absolutely perfect. And this isn't something I need to speculate about — Kendall talked about all of this on her website, in a post that has, mysteriously, been deleted.

She does not use dodgy DIY face masks. She did not "cure" her zits overnight. Kendall's nice skin is the result of medical treatment and expensive therapies, not a two-ingredient lemon juice nightmare. Saying that she did is lying to her audience — an audience made up almost exclusively of young girls, many of whom are probably struggling with acne themselves and looking to their hero for help.

And like, c'mon, Kendall. You can do better than this.

So how CAN you actually get clear skin like Kenny?

Short of being born into an incredibly wealthy family, with parents and siblings who KNOW some shit about skincare, and have the connections to get you the best help available? You can find a dermatologist you trust. You can listen to their advice, and follow the regimen they prescribe for you. And you can not beat yourself up for not having absolutely smooth, unblemished skin — because perfection is a lie, and you are amazing just the way you are.

But most importantly, you can NOT take DIY advice from models, reality stars, and bloggers.

If they're not a medical professional, consider their advice entertainment — and brush it off. THE END.