Lush has finally dropped its full Halloween 2019 collection, and it's making us want to give out candy from inside the bathtubs. Their collection is seriously full of tricky treats that are a ghoulishly fun feast for the senses, including bath bombs, bubble bars, soaps, and shower slime. Yes, shower slime is apparently a thing, and we're going to pretend it is not the black oil alien virus from The X-Files

The full Lush Halloween 2019 collection is currently available online, and will drop in Lush retail stores on September 27. Check out some of your favorite picks below, and score your pumpkin bath bombs before they sell out.


Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar, $7.95, at Lush Cosmetics

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The only thing better than a pumpkin spice latte in your tub is a pumpkin that explodes into bubbles. The Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar is scented with "juniper berry, lime and grapefruit oils," and will leave your bath tub full of orange bubbles and glittery like a next-level PSL.


Monster's Ball Bath Bomb, $7.95, at Lush Cosmetics

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Like its namesake Lady Gaga song, the Lush Monster's Ball Bath Bomb is full of color and glamour and a lot of pink. This cyclops monster will turn your tub into spooky-cute paradise, and includes scents of lime and neroli.


Mercury Retrograde Bath Bomb, $7.95, at Lush Cosmetics

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Nothing puts a chill down our spine like Mercury retrograde, so this bath bomb might be the scariest one of all. It will dazzle your tub with orange, purple, and green swirls, and smells like "lemon, gardenia, and cinnamon oils." Stock up and save it for the next Mercury retrograde.


Boo! Shower Slime, $18.95, at Lush Cosmetics

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What is shower slime, you ask? Lush describes its shower slime as "un-boo-lievably silky slime" for a deep scrub. Surprisingly, this slime doesn't contain charcoal, but it smells like bubblegum and is made with bamboo for a serious cleansing.


Lord Of Misrule Bath Bomb, $7.95, at Lush Cosmetics

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Behold the Lord of Misrule bath bomb, a cunning tub treat inspired by the patron saint of partying. This bath bomb is green on the outside, but is wine-colored in the inside, just like you'll be after hitting up your favorite Halloween parties.


Ghost in The Dark Bar Soap, $7.95, at Lush Cosmetics

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How adorable is this ghost-shaped bar soap? With scents of cocoa butter and lemongrass, you'll be creamy clean in no time. This spooky shower pal also has a secret — it glows in the dark, giving you a reason to turn out the lights.


Little Box Of Horrors Gift Set, $49.95, at Lush Cosmetics

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Now you can truly indulge this Halloween with Lush's Little Box of Horrors gift set, which contains the Monster's Ball and Mercury Retrograde bath bombs, the Boo! Shower Slime, the Ghost in The Dark bar soap, the Bewitched Bubble Bar, and the Glow Worm Fun Bar, which is a soap ’n' bubbles maker for baths or showers. Maybe Halloween will be spent in the bathtub this year?


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