Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoos
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Tim Burton has created some of the most notable characters in movie history. And believe it or not, not all of them are Johnny Depp. Take Jack from "The Nightmare Before Christmas." That bag of bones has been a fan favorite for 25 years. Yes, this movie is as old as Ariana Grande and 3/5 of the dudes who used to make up One Direction.

To celebrate 25 years of The Pumpkin King, we’re sharing 25 of our absolute favorite "Nightmare Before Christmas" tattoos. Don’t worry, they’re all less of a nightmare — and more like dreams come true.

Bob's Nightmare.

A tattoo that fuses two icons of pop culture is nothing short of amazing.

"We're simply meant to be."

The artist behind this is a true artist with a capital A!

A tattoo that pays tribute to the things that go bump in the night...

You've got to love a great villain...

Tim Burton would probably really appreciate this tattoo.

If you were obsessed with Lock, Shock, and Barrel as a kid, you'll adore this tattoo.

A modern take on the classic lovers.

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We'd love to have a copy of this rendition hanging in our living rooms.

Zero the hero.

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Cannot. Handle. The. Cuteness.

A match made in Halloween Town heaven.

This tattoo could be a still from the movie, it's so detailed!

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This looks like a scene straight out of the movie. Love. Love. Love.

This "Little Mermaid" "Nightmare" mashup is EVERYTHING.

Possibly the best Disney-inspired tattoo ever.

A dramatic chest piece will have you starting every day with a rendition of "What's this?"

These super-cute "Nightmare" characters are as sweet as they are scary.

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Who knew a deranged evil scientist and a monster could look so cute?

Sally gets the delicate fairy makeover you never knew you needed to see.

Talk about beautiful!

"Quack quack."

Give it up for the deep cuts!

A Jack and Sally-inspired lock and key is a perfect couple's tattoo.

The Mayor provides a political reminder.

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The Mayor taught us all at an early age how two-faced politicians really can be.

Jack Skellington gets shrunk down and cutiefied in this sweet and elegant design.

Jack can't possibly get any cuter than this. Nope. Can't happen.

Show your love of Halloween *and* Disney with a tattoo of "Nightmare" Mickey ears.

Deadly nightshade gets a shout-out in this mystical tattoo.

We're officially obsessed.

A Skellington finger tattoo is nothing short of amazing.

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Respect to the fine details on this tat.

Jack and Sally meet on the mountain in this unbelievable cover-up.

It makes you want to find love and jump into the night sky.

This tattoo is the "Beetlejuice" crossover you never knew you needed.

Two of Burton's bests.

We all scream for "Nightmare" icecream!

What a treat!

Astonished by these full leg pieces featuring some of the classic "Nightmare" characters.

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It's a Tim Burton love fest on this fan's legs.

All of these spooky tattoos are gifts to the world!

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Which is your favorite?