Winter does a number on our bodies. For those of us enduring colder temperatures for the next few months, we know we are going to be subjected to bouts of winter blues, layers of clothing, and dry skin. These are all facts of life — but that doesn't mean they are inevitable, especially the last one. 

Dry winter skin evidently has an antidote, and it is one that over 10,000 people endorse. 

Hyaluronic Acid Serum
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Introducing Cosmedica's Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum, a specially designed formula that aims to hydrate and nourish skin. The $15 serum claims to brighten skin and improve texture by targeting signs of aging like dark spots and fine lines and wrinkles. 

Hyaluronic Acid is a substance that is found naturally in our skin. 

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Its main job is to naturally hold water in our skin to keep it hydrated to keep it soft and plump. As we age, our skin loses its natural supply of it, so it is essential to include it in a skin-care routine. 

Dr. Howard D. Sobel, a dermatologist in New York City, told Harper's Bazaar that diet is one way to make sure dryness is managed. “Eating fruits and veggies with lots of antioxidants protects the skin from inflammation, which in turn helps the skin retain it.”

As an active ingredient in skin-care products, it can specifically hydrate and soothe dry skin. 

This simple serum is made of just three ingredients (distilled water, sodium hyaluronate, and benzyalcohol), but has effective results.

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Just apply desired amount onto freshly cleaned skin using gentle, upward circular motions. After rubbing it in, follow it with facial moisturizer or cream in either your morning or evening skin-care routine. 

Customers raved that the results were quick and visible. 

audrey t before and after
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Reviewer Audrey T. was beyond thrilled with her results. 

"LOVE," she exclaimed. "For very dry and/or mature skin, you can’t beat this product. VISIBLE results. It’s not best as a standalone moisturizer... wear this under your other skin-care products. You won’t catch me without this product ever."

Susan O. felt that she start seeing results almost immediately when it came to repairing sun damage on her face. 

"So, it's Friday and I just started using the serum on Monday. Mind you, I am also trying out a derma roller at the same time. So far, I can't say I've seen a difference in wrinkles (I'm 37 and have very small, shallow ones on my forehead and around my eyes), but I have seen improvement in skin tone and softness. I was a sun worshipper through my 20s, and I have sun damage on my cheeks and nose that already looks to be fading."

Overall, people seemed thrilled it was such a simple product and available at an affordable price. 

"Instead of buying crazy expensive designer face creams that only have hyaluronic acid as an ingredient, save the time and money and go straight to the source," noted one reviewer. "My skin is softer than it’s ever been, less oily, and overall more balanced. I love this stuff and will never not have it as part of my skin routine from here on out. The only critique is that there are no instructions. Make sure you use a moisturizer after application! That’s the trick to making it work."

And if it can do all that for just $15, why not invest in a small bottle today!

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