Happy Pride month! Though we should all be celebrating (and protecting) the LGBTQ+ community on a daily basis, June is truly its month to shine. So what better time to let your Pride flag fly with permanent ink than right the heck now?

If you've been contemplating commemorating your queerness with a Pride tattoo, here are 14 teensy tiny ideas to get you started. And if you aren't in the community but want to show your support, too, you can donate directly to GLAAD or your local LBGTQ community center.

There is no better time than June to spring for a fresh, new Pride tattoo.

And better yet, one that's totally understated. Check out this ode to the Pride flag that's simplicity is to die for. What's great about Pride tattoos is that there is truly no right or wrong way to get one.

And people on the internet have some AMAZING simple tattoo ideas.

These teeny tiny rainbow dots are small but still have the power to make anyone's heart soar. And you could put them pretty much anywhere!

Look at these cute little hands!

Utah-based tattoo artist Victoria Lee pulled this little masterpiece off with what's called "handpoke" or "stick and poke" tattooing — which means she poked this design into someone's arm dot by dot. Ouch, but worth it.

How about these rainbow tears?

I know the rainbow-colored tear are supposed to be the focal point of this amazing tattoo by Dallas-based artist Barbara Niblo, but I can't tear my eyes away from those perfect brows.

There are about a million ways to incorporate rainbows into a tattoo.

The first being, you know, a literal rainbow. And what better place to put it than the back of your neck, out where people can see it plain as day? It is called Pride, after all.

The word love takes on a whole new connotation this way.

No, no — this is not your average, run-of-the-mill "love" tattoo. The word means so much more when seen through the eyes of the queer community. Love is love is love, y'all.

This person also decided to put a Pride spin on a popular tattoo trend.

Sure, you've seen all kinds of heartbeat-themed tattoos — heck, some people get heartbeat tattoos for their PETS — but have you ever seen one in all the colors of the rainbow?

Another amazing Pride twist? The semicolon.

Semicolon tattoos are extremely popular for their mental health and creative writing connections. Because writers use semicolons when they could've ended a sentence but chose not to. It's symbolic of one's decision to keep living, and it makes this particular Pride tattoo extra touching.

Minimalists will swoon over these well placed triangles.

Don't be fooled by the impeccably even line work — this is, indeed, another stick and poke tattoo. And it's maybe the most impressive stick and poke thing I've ever seen.

Sharp shapes not really your aesthetic?

The same stick and poke artist from the prior tattoo on this list also did these teeny little circles on someone's lower calf/ankle area. Cute, right?

Looking to get really tiny?

You can get your ears tattooed, too, you know! It doesn't hurt that much, and it's over in a matter of seconds. This minimalist take on the rainbow is perfect for anyone who can't have tattoos at work.

Or how about somewhere even more discreet?

As I've said many times before, inner finger tattoos are at a high risk of fading quickly, but if that idea doesn't ruffle too many feathers for you, this is still a really cute and easy-to-hide piece.

Of course, you can always go for something even more simple.

This tall and thin font across the forearm is just small enough to fly under the radar if you want it to but also colorful to stand out when it matters most.

Or, there's always a classic.

Love wins. You don't even need the rainbow motif to get the Pride message across loud and clear with this iconic sentiment. So, uh... who's booking an appointment at their local parlor right now?

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