Selena Gomez
photo: Splash News

Selena Gomez is busy celebrating her album release, music video, and all of the fun stuff that comes along with it. 

But we noticed something new on her arm. Gomez has a tattoo the seemingly commemorates the date of her kidney transplant. The moment saved the singer's life thanks to her longtime bestie Francia Raisa.

Gomez teased in late 2019 that she had gotten the date of her kidney transplant tattooed on the back of her arm, but in new, behind-the-scenes photos from her video shoot, it's been spotted. 

You can just barely make out a six on the side of her arm. 

"So my rare video is out! So I’m posting a few pics from that day," Gomez captioned her posts. It would take an eagle-eyed fan to notice that she's sporting new ink on the back of her right arm, but it's there. 

The transplant happened in presumably June 2017. 

The meaningful moment was literally lifesaving for the famous singer. So of course it would be an important enough date to mark on her body forever. In a radio interview in December, she said, "I actually got the date of when I got my kidney transplant... And I did that with the girl who gave me her kidney," according to iHeart Radio. 

Gomez credited Raisa with literally saving her life thanks to the transplant.

The two had to go through a difficult recovery period, but they had each other. In a tell-all interview with Savannah Guthrie on Today, Gomez and Raisa got real about what they went through, and through tears, Gomez said Raisa saved her life. Now the two have a tat together so they can always remember the life-altering moment. 

Try to spot the new ink in the actual music video. 

Gomez has been sharing lots of videos and photos from the set of the "Rare" music video, and the new tattoo can be spotted in a few clips. Of course, the flighty, magical camera work makes it difficult to focus on any one thing for too long. But altogether, the music video has a fun and ethereal feel. 

Gomez has a few tattoos, most of them were done with or for friends. 

Gomez has often shared her tattoo experiences on Instagram, and many of them were with friends. This tattoo probably has a soft spot in her heart, though, and she wanted to keep it more private.