Selena Gomez
photo: Splash News

Selena Gomez sang her heart out on the American Music Awards stage, performing two new singles from her upcoming album. 

The musician's third studio album is in production and will be released in January 2020. Plus, two songs are already out and have serious emotional meaning to the singer. During this heart-wrenching time, it makes sense that she'd want to get a symbol to represent what she's gone through in the past few years. And what better way to commemorate the occasion than with a brand-new tattoo?

The new skin art is of two praying hands holding a rosary, which totally symbolizes Gomez's dedication to her faith — a huge part of her life. 

The artist shared a few behind-the-scenes Polaroid snaps from the event. 

"AMAs day … more to come," Gomez wrote in her caption. Among the photos she shared was the new piece of ink, a classic work of art: two praying hands with a rosary. The popular tattoo is also shared by her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, some eagle-eyed fans realized, but it's most likely totally coincidental. They're both very religious, and that's a popular tattoo to celebrate Christianity.

Of course, Gomez tagged the tattoo artist, who then showed a few more images of the ink. 

Celebrity tattoo artist Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy, who runs a popular tattoo shop in New York City, decked out the singer's upper thigh. The intricate piece of art is hyper symbolic to Gomez, who lives her life dedicated to faith and Christianity. "For the wonderful @selenagomez, thank you for the trust," read the tattoo shop's Instagram caption. 

The performer and nominee wore a stunning lime green Versace dress on the red carpet. 

Gomez looked sexy and stunning in a tight Versace minidress. Any nerves the artist had were totally masked by her gorgeous apparel. Apparently, just before she performed, Gomez's anxiety got the best of her and she had a panic attack. But the show must go on, and she still managed to appear on the AMAs stage. 

After her performance, Gomez stepped out in another dazzling Versace gown. 

The musician's tattoo wasn't on display in either of her Versace looks, but she had plenty to show during the performances. The sleek dress was paired with vibrant orange pants underneath the sheer skirt, and it looked so fashion-forward. The bodice had sultry draping in yellow with gold chain straps, and her hair and makeup complemented the entire vibe of the outfit. 

During her performance of "Look at Her Now," you could see just a hint of the tattoo under her tights. 

Gomez's performance fell a little flat, said some critics on Twitter. But it was later revealed that was most likely due to stress before she took the stage. Either way, she had the courage to get up and perform on live television for the first time in years, which is not an easy thing to do. Gomez has made it clear she's no longer going to let mean comments get her down, so it wouldn't matter to her at this point what anyone on social media thought anyway.