We may be obsessed with having lipsticks and glosses in every single color imaginable, but there is always room for a chill lip balm in the beauty bag. 

Luckily, an indie brand called Rebels Refinery knew exactly what to do for those of us who enjoy the simple things in life — with a goth twist, of course. 

Rebels Refinery created these mini skull lip balms, and don't they just warm your black little heart?

The Capital Vices Collection Skull Lip Balm ($7.99, Rebels Refinery) comes in a pink and black packaging option, and the lip balm formula includes coconut and sweet almond oils. 

What's better is that the lip balm comes in five different scents.

The black skull lip balm comes in Avaritia (vanilla), Superbia (mint), and Luxuria (passion fruit) while the neon pink version comes in only Superbia and Luxuria. 

If you'd like to triple up on these small cuties, then there is even a three-pack option.

The Capital Vices Skull three-pack ($20, Rebel Refinery) comes with lip-printed packaging and with a vanilla, mint, and passion fruit-scented lip balm. 

Since a lip balm may not completely satisfy your skull obsession this October, the brand also sells skull soaps.

It's time you bathed like a REAL goth queen, right? 

These skull skin care products make for fun party favors should you throw the most epic Halloween party ever and send your guests home with something doper than the average.

And there's no shame in lathering your body with skull soap ($16, Rebels Refinery) as you soak in a bath tub that's already been blasted by a skull bath bomb — with your skull lip balm on for good measure. 

Because you do what you want, you, goth queen, you!