Tattoos are way more than just ink in skin. They oftentimes tells stories of childhood memories, obstacles overcome, and lessons learned. The many intricacies of tattoos tell deeper stories that are unable to be conveyed through words. They speak of sadness, happiness, and life. Swedish celebrity tattoo artist Miryam Lumpini brings those stories to life through ink. 

To hear those stories firsthand, I got to chat with the expert of ink about the controversy of white tattoos, her exciting new collaboration, and what goes into the skin-care regimen of someone covered in art. Let's just say, she's as badass as she seems on Instagram. 

If you've never heard the name Miryam Lumpini, we can almost guarantee you've seen her work. 

The 25-year-old Swedish-born tattoo artist has toured the world and is gaining notoriety for her signature elaborate, colorful, and intricate tattoos. Beginning her career at just 17, she's expanded her clientele over the years to include celebrities such as Jhene Aiko, Swae Lee, and Skrillex. Now calling LA home, this talented artist is whom Hollywood flocks to get inked by.

Lumpini, by the way, is teaming up with stationery leader BIC for a highly anticipated collaboration that we have a strong feeling will see the writing-essentials brand venturing into the world of tattoos. 

"I'm partnering with BIC as its Global Creative Director for an upcoming product launch," Lumpini told Revelist. "As a contemporary artist, I interpret my art as a form of healing, and I love making creative designs more accessible to all. This opportunity allows me to make everyone’s life more colorful. BIC being a global brand will make my art and creative outlook on life be able to be seen and shared with everyone everywhere! This is the first time the corporate world and underground tattoo scene are really coming together."

One of her most notable clients, Slick Woods, just made headlines with her adorable white-ink snowflake face tattoo.

Slick Woods White Star Tattoo
photo: Courtesy of Miryam Lumpini

If you've checked out Woods' Instagram recently, you've probably noticed her newest and most unique white tattoo. We have Lumpini to thank for the brand-new icy ink.

"Every snowflake is unique like she is so I was very excited to do it," Lumpini said. "Also, since she’s a model and she likes face tattoos, I thought the snowflake made sense. She still likes her tattoos to be in color [and for] some of them to be more subtle, so I figured a snowflake in white would be so cute because of its smaller details. I’m excited to see how it looks once it’s completely healed, and I can see if we’re going to have to touch it up or not!"

However, tattoo artists have long had opposing views on white ink; some even refuse to use white ink alone on clients.

White ink tattoos are not to be performed by any amateur, and applying such tattoos takes a lot of skill and even more attention to detail. Due to her darker skin, Woods shocked more than a few people with how vibrant her tattoo results were.

To debunk all the rumors and myths about white ink tattoos, Lumpini gave me the inside scoop. 

Revelist: White ink tattoos are known to mimic skin undertones when healed, especially on people of color. How can one ensure that if they get a white tattoo it won't change colors? 

Lumpini: With white ink, it always depends on how you scar. Everyone heals and gets scar tissue differently. Some people get darker scar tissue; some people get lighter scar tissue. Usually smaller scar tissues like scratches show up lighter on skin, which is similar to a tattoo line where the white ink will be placed and therefore stays brighter. 

I would only suggest doing details with white ink and not putting white ink in bigger areas, because that’s going to give an uneven result. But white ink works perfectly as an addition to details or next to a dark contrast color.

R: What are some tips to ensure that your white ink tattoo heals properly? 

Lumpini: In order for your tattoo to heal properly: Keep it clean, don’t irritate it, and apply only a thin layer of ointment when it feels dry!

R: What are your favorite tattoo after-care products?

Lumpini: There are so many good products out now! When I was in Germany at a tattoo convention, I talked to the guys at TattooMed, and they have really good after-care products. TattooMed has a series for tattooed skin from the time of actual tattooing through the regeneration phase to the daily care. 

TattooMed After Tattoo with Panthenol is perfect for the first two weeks of skin regeneration. At the same time, TattooMed Cleansing Gel is the perfect washing lotion to clean the freshly engraved tattoo. TattooMed Daily Tattoo Care is a day care lotion with light UV protection. Because of its texture, it cares for the tattoo, and the color protection formula maintains, with regular use, the colors of the tattoo.

R: Are there any great vegan after-care products out there?

Lumpini: A strong American after-care product is Hustle Butter! It's 100% vegan and is made from mango, shea, and aloe butters.

R: What other skin-care products do tattoo obsessives such as yourself recommend?

Lumpini: I use Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Face Scrub to always keep my skin clear. If I feel like I’m about to break out somewhere, I put iS Clinical Active Serum on the affected area before I go to bed! I also use DABO Eco Life Style, a Korean face cream with collagen to restore skin to its natural moisture. After, I like to spray a great toner on my face. 

I love face masks that contain clay and charcoal as well. Additionally, my mom always sends me body lotion from Yves Rocher, a really good natural French brand that has many different great body lotions that absorb into your skin in a smooth and natural way.

Shop all products mentioned below! 

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Power-Clear Scrub ($7, Target)

The Power-Clear exfoliant instantly clears oil and fights breakouts. Packed with green tea, cucumber, and other soothers, this creamy formula softens while exfoliating. The skin is left feeling soft and smooth instead of overdrying like many scrubs. 

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iS Clinical Active Serum is proven to provide anti-aging, anti-acne, and brightening benefits. This face serum smooths away fine lines and wrinkles while softening the skin's texture. Additionally, it reduces the appearance of hyper-pigmentation, redness and acne, leading to a clearer and healthier-looking complexion. 

DABO Eco Lifestyle Hydro Moisturizing Cream ($15, Walmart)

This collagen-infused formula absorbs quickly, improving skin texture and balancing skin tone without leaving behind any greasy residue. It promotes skin softness and resilience, through its hydrolyzed collagen, proven to improve skin's moisture.

Yves Rocher Super-Soft Body Lotion ($14, Yves Rocher)

Made with shea butter and copra oil, this lotion nourishes the skin and strengthens its natural suppleness. It also contains witch hazel extract to soften skin.