spine tattoos
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If you're thinking about getting a back tattoo, there's another option besides full back, lower back, and around your shoulder 

Yep, spine tattoos, the oft forgotten back tattoo that runs from neck to butt. From a long stemmed rose to a pile of books, check out 16 spine tattoo ideas that may have you running to your local tattooist.

Spine tattoos might just be the edgiest form of ink around.

They come in SO many different variations.

Quotes, of course, are a go-to option for a neck-to-butt tat.

But also, a long vine of flowers.

The ink can be as thick or as thin as you so please.

Or a mix and match of more than one design.

Plus, they're a dream for girls who love wearing open back clothes.

Just imagine showing it off in the summer.

They can be super intricate works of art...

...or seemingly simple straight lines. 

Others are a bit more minimalistic.

The best part of any ink is making it your own.

You can even get a mountain of books on your spine! 

Or stay connected to Mother Nature. 

Go forth in all your spine tattoo glory!

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