Underboobs are such a sexy place to get a tattoo — yet so underrated.

Larger tattoos are most popular for underboobs, but if you're intimidated by the size, the cost, or even the potential pain of bigger ink — there's nothing wrong with getting something small and dainty. 

Here are 20 tattoos that show how perfect tinier designs are for underboobs.

Your underboobs seriously deserve to live on the (sharp) edge with a tiny knife tattoo.

Show your flower power forever with a small rose.

A simple heart makes a sweet statement.

Show off your huge love for Disney with a watercolor princess.

If Beyoncé can wear three dots on her finger, then your underboobs can certainly wear three dots. Right?

Get a tiny underboob tattoo as colorful as your personality.

"If there's hope it lies in the proles," reads this tattoo, which is a quote from "1984" by George Orwell.

This tattoo of the Buddhist unalome symbol is simply stunning. 

Here is a simpler version of the unalome design. 

This tiny match and flame design is, well, LIT AF. 

photo: Tumblr

Not all sternum tattoos have to be gigantic breastplates. 

Sternum tattoos can be less elaborate and equally beautiful.

Try a "scene" and still keep it subtle.

Just because you want something tiny underneath your underboobs doesn't mean it can't be intricate! 

Speaking of an intricate underboob tattoo design, this wave tattoo is everything.

There's something so special about a tattoo that's permanently there to encourage you. 

photo: Tumblr

This white branch proves ANY tattoo trend you see can be down-sized to fit your underboobs perfecty and subtly. 

photo: Tumblr

You can fit a bite-sized solar system right in that sweet spot!

photo: Tumblr

No matter how small your tattoo is, the design and detail possibilities are still endless 

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After all, there's no better excuse to live every week like it's Shark Week.