Getting a new tattoo is almost a summer ritual like pool parties and barbecues. The weather warms up, the skin comes out, and then people get the itch for new ink to really set off their look for the season. One of the cutest tattoo trends is watercolor tattoos. They're colorful and take on the look of actual paint sitting on your skin. There are tons of massive watercolor tattoos that are vibrant and breath-taking, but we get that not everyone wants to commit to a huge tattoo at first or ever. 

If you're taken by the watercolor tattoos you've seen but prefer to keep things small and simple, then it's your lucky day. We rounded up the best ones that are super small yet incredibly beautiful.

Flower designs are the best and easiest inspiration for watercolor tattoos. 

Flowers are just so beautiful and there are so many kinds that it's impossible not to find a style you love. They also come in so many colors which makes them a great watercolor tattoo choice. 

Take your arms on a permanent beach trip with this mini landscape watercolor tattoo.

Even when summer is over, you get to keep the season's vibes with you as long as you have this watercolor tattoo. It's a small, pretty beach scene with a palm tree, the moon, and a super cool wave.

This watercolor tattoo may be small but the details require a double-take.

The tattoo reveals a gorgeous sunset scene depicted from the window of a plane. This is a sweet ink idea for a person who loves traveling, loves watching a beautiful sunset, or both.

The strokes of a watercolor tattoo are also perfect for creating adorable animal tats.

This fox is just way too cute! It's an interesting choice for a shoulder tattoo but who can dispute a little fox perched on a shoulder? It just looks so sweet!

Yes, you Disney freaks are seeing this right!

It's a watercolor tattoo that highlights three of the evilest Disney villains in the Disneyverse. From left to right, this tattoo shows the head silhouettes of Ursula, Evil Queen, and Maleficent. To further identify the villains, each one has a splash of color that represents their cartoon character. Ursula is purple. Evil Queen is red to represent her red lipsticks, and Maleficent is green to represent her eye color.

This heart is just too adorable. 

They say tattoos are addictive because once you get one, you'll always want more. With this tiny pink heart, we totally get why. 

Check out these matching fish watercolor tattoos! 

The colors are so vibrant and I think that watercolor tattoo style is perfect for an animal that actually lives in the water. Also, peep the water surrounding the fish which makes them look like they're actually swimming. Add this pair of tats to your list of must-achieve couple goals.

This moon and stars tattoo makes for fun, bright wrist art.

This watercolor tattoo actually shows the moon, stars, and a glimpse of clouds. It's a simple and artsy representation of a pretty sky scene.

The paw print is an obvious watercolor tattoo idea for pet lovers.

Tip? Have your pet step onto a safe ink pad and then onto paper so you can get their actual paw print. Then, have the tattoo artist draw it in the watercolor style on you to have a reminder of your pet forever!

Seriously, wine not get a tattoo of your favorite drink of all time?

If wine is one of your favorite beverages, then same. If this tattoo is calling your name because of that, then double same. I love how the watercolor style looks with the depiction of the wine splashing from the glass. 

Um, there's no explanation about why this book is exploding with color but it's super pretty.

We'll just assume that the tattoo artist wanted to show off his watercolor skills. We could also be extra deep about things and believe that the colors are a vibrant representation of all the good things going on in the book. 

This hummingbird might be the most beautiful one of them all.

Hummingbirds are already insanely beautiful. A watercolor tattoo that really makes their vibrant feathers come alive is a beautiful summer ink idea. 

You could also get a gorgeous series of tiny watercolor tattoos.

Why get one when you can get a colorful series? Since they're small, you can get them all at the same time OR you could add them one by one as you decide on different tiny watercolor tattoo designs. 

The tinier your watercolor tattoo series is, the better.

They're so small but have so much color! These watercolor tattoos are a smart pick for anyone who wants a tattoo that doesn't require a huge time commitment at a tattoo studio. Since they're smaller, they'll also heal faster.