So peeps, what is a glittery liquid that can be lathered all over your face to make it glow and glow and glow some more? The new glitter face mask by Too Faced, of course! 

Jerrod Blandino has been teasing the mask with black and white images and short video clips, but today he showed a MASSIVE amount of the mask's formula in all of its glittery glory! 

He also revealed its name and it's honestly the most hilarious piece of news we've gotten all day.

Here is your first in-color look at Too Faced's shimmery skincare masterpiece to come: GLOW JOB!

Teehee. Feel free to bask in your immaturity and giggle a little or a lot over that cheeky name. None of us on the Revelist team could contain our laughter at the mere thought of it. 

Too Faced co-founder, Jerrod Blandino, described the glittery red jelly in the jar as "a revolutionary radiance-boosting peel-off glitter mask supercharged with brightening ingredients and real sparkling gold." 

This special sauce will be available in "very limited qualities" in December, but only if you happen to be one of Blandino's "beloved TF Besties." 

If not, then you'll have to wait until Spring 2018 to enjoy your Glow Job. 

By the way, we had a Revelist team huddle and it's settled: GLOW JOB > BLOW JOBS!

photo: Giphy

We're so excited about this impending Too Faced facial.

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