mermaid tattoos
photo: Pinterest

Mermaid tattoos are nothing new (I mean, HELLO, we all secretly want to be beautiful ocean goddesses, after all). Mermaid ink does come in many forms — including fluorescent scales and tiny fins — but the latest mermaid tattoo trend taking over Pinterest is all about the location.

Yup, it's time to feast your eyes on mermaid underboob tats. Here are nine of our favorite ones to inspire you:

Mermaid tattoos are so versatile.

Of course, they can be colorful, too.

Mermaid tats can swim from the side boob to the underboob.

Either way, it's the perfect spot for her.

Delicate mermaid designs are an option as well.

A sternum wave also pays homage to mermaids.

Or you could just get the whole damn sea inked under your chest.

A teeny Ariel lookalike is always an option.

Or a decorated mermaid fin flying freely in the air.

Which one do you want?

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