This year has been a great one for we beauty-obsessed unicorn wannabes. But a unicorn serum? That's something none of us were expecting.

Thanks to indie beauty brand Farsali – you know, the creators of that Instagram-famous gold-flecked serum — the company has finally unleashed their latest skin care blockbuster made of ACTUAL unicorn tears.

(OK, maybe not. But it's still pretty awesome.)

Feast your eyes on this amazing skincare miracle: Farsali's Unicorn Tears skin serum!

Did I just go to rainbow heaven?!

But it's not just skincare. This little purple bottle contains a multi-purpose makeup miracle.

According to the brand, Unicorn Tears provides prevents skin damage by free radicals, acts as a primer, AND adds oil-free shine to your complexion. Plus, it's natural and gentle — so it's safe to use for all skin types.

And even better — it looks like this serum will retail for under $40. SCORE!

The serum itself is pink and sparkly, with a floral scent.

When applied onto the skin, the tiny flecks of sparkles magically disappear creating a beautiful glow reflecting up to high heaven.

You don't apply it like regular serum. You apply it like unicorn tears, of course.

Just look at it!

Whaooooooo so pretty!

Unicorn Tears will be available for pre-sale on December 7 — so set a calendar alert NOW.

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You know this is going to become the must-have Instagram item of 2017, so bookmark this pageimmediately.

Get ready to unleash your inner unicorn and GLOW!

Skin perfection is only a pink, sparkle-laden serum away!