The Chicago Cubs are officially your Major League Baseball 2016 World Series Champions — and fans on both sides have (most-likely) bitten off all of their finger nails. 

Both teams haven't won a World Series for more than 50 consecutive seasons, which made the stakes that much higher. Though the Cubs ultimately took the W, the Cleveland Indians didn't give up without a fight.

But they did give everyone a legit heart attack in the process. 

Things really got intense when both teams made history after the two tied 6-6 at the bottom of the 8th inning.

With two outs, the Indians' Rajai Davis got a two-run homerun, bringing the score from 6-3 to 6-6, making this World Series the first to have a tie game at such a late inning.  

Of course, people lost their shit.

To everyone's dismay, and already-stressed hearts, no one scored, so the game went into extra innings.

Then, right before the start of the tie-breaking 10th inning, officials called a rain delay because there is no God.

Though some people had other reasons for watching the game....

...everyone, even those who didn't even know what baseball was (basically), was shaking in their boots.

Ultimately, the Cubs took home the W — their first World Series Championship since 1908.

After the rain delay, the Cubs scored two runs in the top of the 10th inning, taking the lead 8-6. 

Pitcher Mike Montgomery closed out the bottom of the 10th with a ground ball to the third baseman to secure a Cubs victory. 

But nothing compared to the euphoria that came from the fans post-win.

Even so...

Never forget. 

Congrats Cubs!