Amid international finger-wagging and transportation disputes at this year's Olympic games, two young athletes made a ploy for peace in the way their generation knows best: a selfie. 

Gymnasts Lee Eun-ju of South Korea and Hong Un-jong of North Korea posed for a selfie together in Rio with Eun-ju flashing a peace sign into her teddy-bear-encased cellphone. The two women's countries have technically been at war since 1950, when their three-year conflict ended without a peace treaty.

"This is why we do the Olympics," political scientist Ian Bremmer tweeted about the photo.

Others agreed, calling the photo "iconic" and "an example for the whole world." Activist Eugene Cho tweeted that the selfie gave him hope for the future of the two countries. 

"With my parents born in what is now called North Korea, this Olympic selfie gives me hope of a future reunification," he wrote.

The games have been a point of reunion for the two countries in the past: Both nations marched under the same flag and wore the same uniforms at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. At the time, the North Koreans said reunification was their ultimate goal for the two countries. 

Unfortunately, neither Lee or Hong had the chance to compete under this short-lived reunion. The countries abandoned the unified flag at Hong's first Olympics in 2008, where she won North Korea’s first gold medal

The two countries initially split after WWII, when the United States took control of the southern half of Korea, and the Soviet Union took control of the North. The North became increasingly authoritarian over the decades, cutting ties to other nations under self-proclaimed "Great Leader" Kim Il-sung

While living conditions for North Korean citizens dwindle, Reuters reports that Olympic medalist can expect big payouts when they return home. Losers, however, may face punishment at work camps. 

Hopefully this simple selfie is the sign of a changing tide.