Muhammed Ali died at the age of 74 this past Saturday (June 4), but his daughter, Laila, is making sure the famed boxer's memory carries on. 

She shared a photo of her dad and her son, Curtis Muhammed Conway Jr., posing for a Louis Vuitton ad, on social media Sunday night.

The caption simply read: "My son and my father."

Ali suffered from Parkinson's Disease, a chronic movement disorder which affects the body's nervous system. Laila, one of Ali's nine children, appeared on the TODAY show to talk about her father's health, and said she doesn't feel so alone as the whole world is mourning with her. 

As for her son, she knows that her dad lives on in him. 

"My son is a spitting image of my father when he was young and he has so many of his same similar characteristics and qualities," Ali said. "He's learning more and more as he gets older how special papa actually was."

Special, we presume, meaning not only as a world-class athlete and father, but as a champion for the Black community as well.

Laila also posted another photo of her dad with her daughter, Sydney. 

"Thanks for all the love and well wishes. I feel your love and appreciate it!!" she wrote.