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You'd think that an Olympic athlete has very little to feel insecure about. After all, aside from being monumentally talented, their bodies are flawless, and their careers are enviable. And when that Olympian is Ashton Eaton (you know, the super-hot Track and Field star with the equally hot and successful Olympic wifeBrianne Theisen-Eaton) it's even more impossible to imagine. 

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But we're here to tell you: even gold medalists like Eaton have insecurities; and TBH when you find out what it is, you're going to relate really hard. 

In a recent interview with Revelist, Eaton shared his biggest insecurity:

"Lacking confidence in things outside athletics."

He even sometimes struggles with the athletics part, too (see below). Love ya, Ash. 

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But you know what he DOESN'T do? He doesn't let him it stop him from chasing his dreams. In this year's Olympics, Eaton is set to compete (and favored to win) his second gold medal in the decathlon.

And to Eaton: If you don't bring home the gold this year, no worries. You're a philanthropic heartthrob who has so much more to offer.

Olympic athletes, they're just like us.