Simone Biles body-shaming Olympics

Simone Biles

photo: Instagram/simonebiles

Simone Biles is the best gymnast in the world — and she also has an elegant word to offer body-shamers about the importance of self-love.

The Olympic gold medalist is vacationing in a paradise that needs no filter, but some trolls thought she should cover herself up at the beach. She posed for an Instagram post in a white tank-top and black shorts, but one commenter, in particular, felt the need to call Biles ugly.

"Ur so ugly Simone Biles even I look better than u," one commenter wrote.

That's when she decided to teach trolls a valuable lesson about the beauty of self-love.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time the gymnastics phenom has been subjected to body-shaming.

In her new memoir, "Courage To Soar: A Body in Motion, A Life in Balance," Biles recounted a traumatic incident with a former coach who called her fat. When she didn't perform well at a gymnastic meet three years ago, she overheard her coach blaming her poor performance on her weight.

"It's hard growing up in a sport where you compete with very little clothing on your body and everyone is staring at [your body] no matter how good you are," she told The Today Show. "No matter how good you are at the sport, people will always say you don't look good enough."

The constant body-shaming has given Biles something priceless, though: self-love.

"In a way, [being called fat] actually shaped me for the better, because it just taught me to rise above and to love my body no matter what," she told People. "Nobody could tell me what to do."

Tell 'em, Simone!

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