Before the U.S. looked to 19-year-old Simone Biles to win the gold in Rio this summer, she had just one person rallying behind her. 

When she was just 13, Biles told the one person she knew would always believe in her — the woman she considers her mother, Nellie Biles — about her dreams to represent her country with her talents as a gymnast. Nellie, who is married to Simone's grandfather, raised her since she was a child. 

After learning about her daughter's aspirations, despite the odds of her actually accomplishing her dream, her mother supported her the whole way, thanking the powers that be that she did listen to her ambitious little girl. 

As Biles prepares to conquer her dreams, we're sure she always remember the woman who got her to where she is. 

Check out her amazing (and tear-jerking) story below: