Back Smoothing Bras
photo: Revelist/Alexa D'Argenio

Whether you are a 42B or a 38H, finding a good bra is a difficult task for the average woman. Sizing issues, comfort, tracking down the correct fit — bra shopping can sometimes seem impossible.

And the biggest bra problem? The annoying back fat that refuses to behave. Many bras claim to "control" back fat and create a smooth line underneath your garments — but how many of these bras actually get the job done?

We found out.

Jovanna and I scoured the internet, and found the top rated smoothing bras, which all claim to smooth your rolls. Do these bras really keep your back fat intact? Well, the results are in!

First I tried one of Amazon’s top rated smoothing bras, the Curvation Back Smoother ($18). They range from as low as $18 and sell for as much as $85, depending on the size. 

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I am a wearing this bra ($18, Amazon) in a size 40DD and at first glance I was very skeptical. The bra simply looked too small to fit properly, so I was almost certain there was no way it could smooth any back fat.

The cheap price also seemed a bit sketchy to me. I thought to myself, "Where does someone find a quality bra for only $18 when you are a size 40DD?"  Impossible, I concluded.

But the Curvation Back Smoother definitely proved me wrong. It provided support without being uncomfortable, and it held up to its claim by giving me a smooth back under my sheer white shirt. This bra gets five starts out of five from me!

Jovanna tried the Ellie Unlined Bra ($22) from Target. Despite the claims, she was immediately skeptical — because the bra is entirely mesh. "There is no way this will cover any back fat!" she said.

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Jovanna is a size 38H and was completely convinced this unlined bra ($22, Target) wouldn't even fit — but to her surprise, she fell in love.

The bra's fit was very supportive, and the main highlight was that the cups fully covered her entire boob. The back panel was a tad too thin to completely cover and smooth her back, but it did prove to be seamless in a t-shirt. "I couldn't believe I found a bra this good and for only $22," she said.  

Jovanna rates this bra a four out of five stars. 

Next, we tried Ashley Stewart's popular Butterfly Bra ($39-$46). I am wearing a size 40DD, and Jovanna is wearing a size 2X/38H.

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This bra features double-back wrap panels which support your breasts, while eliminating bulges for a smooth, polished look. The Butterfly bra (from $39, Ashley Stewart) is a classic in the plus community, but somehow I had never tried it.

I absolutely loved the fit and the support of this bra. The double back panels are a bonus, as they provide extra coverage over your lower back. If you are like me and you have a four pack of rolls instead of a two pack, then this bra is the one for you. I rated this bra five out of five stars. 

However, Jovanna wasn't as impressed. She didn't feel as supported, and believed that she should have sized down for a better fit. She did like the athleisure feel of the bra, and thought it did a good job at smoothing her back. Jovanna strongly recommends sizing down or trying the bra before you buy it to get your perfect fit. Overall, she rated the butterfly bra three out of five stars.

Next I tried Torrid's 360 Back Smoothing Bra (from $48) — and my expectations were high.

photo: Revelist/Alexa D'Argenio

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Torrid specializes in accessible clothes for curvy women — but this bra still exceeded my expectations.

Not only does the 360 back smoothing bra ($48, Torrid) do what it says and smooth one's back, it also has a push-up feature. My boobs were sitting high, and VERY supported.

This bra was also super comfortable. My back was smoothed without the bra being too tight and digging into my sides. I rated this bra five out of five stars!

Next Jovanna tried Lane Bryant's Invisible Back Smoother (from $48). The bold color and floral print caught her eye, and immediately made her excited to try this bra on! "Its so hard to find cute bras for big boobs," she said. "I really hope this one holds true to the back smoothing claim." 

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Lane Bryant is a household name in the plus community, so Jovanna immediately assumed they would deliver a quality bra — and she was right.

Jovanna was thrilled that the Lane Bryant smoothing bra (from $48) had full coverage cups, which is the number one factor she looks for when bra shopping. The back panels provided a lot of smoothing action without strangling her, giving complete coverage over the back fat while also being extremely comfortable. "I'm obsessed with this bra!" said Jovanna. "I give it five stars out of five."

Now for the most expensive smoothing bra I've ever seen: the Shortee bra ($79), from shapewear brand Shapeez.

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Right from the start, I loved this bra's name — and the unique design was even better. The Shortee ($79, Shapeez) has a smooth back with no bands or closures. It doesn't fasten in the front or back, you just slip it over your head like a t-shirt.

And while that sounds incredible, it came with unexpected challenges.

This bra was extremely hard for me to get on. I literally struggled to get it over my head — I had to get two people to help me! Practically, this bra was not the best choice.

Once the Shortee was finally on, the fit was good, but the style is not my favorite. I didn't like that the back of the bra is designed to cover my entire back, making it more like a crop top than a bra. The Shortee was everything *but* short in the back! Although it did the job of smoothing my back, this style was simply not practical for me.

I rate the Shortee two and a half stars out of five.

After trying on seven bras, I bet you're saying "OK Kala, but which back smoothing bra is the best?" For me, the winner was clear.

photo: Revelist/Alexa D'Argenio

My favorite was the Torrid 360 smoothing bra (from $48, Torrid)! I loved the smoothness it provided, the support, and the comfort — and the push-up feature made this even better. In fact, I loved this bra so much, I went ahead and bought it in black as well. Torrid definitely came through for me!

Can you guess which of the bras was Jovanna's favorite? *drum roll please*

photo: Revelist/Alexa D'Argenio

Jovanna's favorite is the Lane Bryant Invisible Back Smoother (from $48, Lane Bryant). "I love that this bra is full coverage, it smooths, AND I am super impressed with the beautiful print. Its so hard to find cute bras for girls with large boobs, so that definitely makes this one a standout for me!", Jovanna said.