I'll have what she's having.

photo: Effie's Paper

I've searched far and wide (mostly on Instagram) and found the best of the best accessories brands that just so happen to be owned by Black women. 

Supporting Black-owned business is a way for you to support small businesses and women of color. It's one way to put money back into the community's pockets. 

So let's go, shoppers! It's time to put your money where your mouth is ... or on your fingers ... shoes ... shoulders — you get the point!


Amani Ya Juu

Go ahead and get your eye rolls out now...

I found Amani Ya Juu on a recent trip to Nairobi. Yep, I'm that bish. But hear me out: AYJ has got beautiful things (just look at their baby toys!) and a beautiful message. 

Many of the craftswomen have escaped domestic violence, and their profits go back to maintaining their shelter! Amani Ya Juu provides safe employment and a community away from their abusers.



GRL TRBL Pins was established in 2017 as a reaction to the raggedy old Trump administration. And if that offended you, I don't know what to tell ya.

GRL TRBL gets it. And they're not curtailing their messages to spare white feminist feelings.

Their pins are hilarious and full of messages fighting transphobia, ableism, sexism, racism, and misogyny. Did I mention classism? Cuz they're doing that too.


Urban Heirlooms

Here's my dream aesthetic: Grown-up ’90s video girl with money from investments, trying to raise my children but still wearing door knocker earrings because I'm flossin' on these hoes.

You too? Great! Because our girls at Urban Heirlooms appreciate a good statement piece. Check out this impeccably curated Etsy store, and get ready to spend ALL your money.


Made By Malyia

Made By Malyia is at the top of the list for a reason. This is Malyia, first of all. She's stunning.

Buuuuuut her jewelry, which I'm supposed to be talking about, is also gorgeous. Chic and understated, it's perfect for layering. You can go with a draped open necklace arrangement or keep it simple. Her online store is easy to shop, elegant, and overall stunning.


Li Li's Creations

Li Li's Creations is definitely a brand to know.

The Instagram account is sort of a must-follow. Heavily featured are stunning African-print dresses and head scarves that are so vibrant and sexy that I feel like I have to give them all of my money immediately. Will I do just that? Probably. Will I feel good about it? Yes. Will I look amazing? Definitely.


Peace Images Jewelry

I'm embarrassed to admit I've only just learned about Peace Images Jewelry. But please believe, I will be telling all of my friends to support this woman and buy these soulful pieces now.

Bracelets and necklaces ride the fine line of mystical goddess and sophisticated hippie, all beautifully made, all priced reasonably for such gorgeous designs. It's the dream.


Love Cortnie

Do I even know Cortnie? No. But I Love Cortnie. See what I did there?

But also, I do. Just look at that soft leather bucket bag!

Love Cortnie specializes in colorful leather handbags and clutches that are very chic. I want nothing else in this world than to be known as a chic old lady. And I've got the second part down. But this isn't about me! This is about the bags!


Coloring Pins

If your next pin or keyholder is not from Coloring Pins, I just don't get you.

Their items are adorable, hilarious, and Black-owned — the defense rests.



Llulo specializes in clothing, accessories, and home decor. And baby, do I love home decor. Especially when it's African-influenced.

Llulo's items are made in Nigeria — the home country of creator Michelle Olomojobi — by a small team of hand-selected craftsmen.

This is bespoke on a whole 'nother level. And everything they make is CUTE.


Dorcas Creates

I need all your bags, please, and thanks @dorcascreates.

How are your designs so dang adorable and — happy day — you love stickers too? I'm tickled pink by this brand BIG TIME.

Get on Etsy and check it out for yourself.


The Wrap Life

A better-known brand on the 'grams, The Wrap Life has earned its brand recognition. Their wraps are gorgeous. Their pictures are gorgeous. You will feel gorgeous.

Also, the website is ... great! The prices are totally affordable, and the pieces are incredible. Plus, there are online sales all the time. It's amazing.


Kashmir VIII

The Kashmir VIII line is giving me ...Tessa Thompson in "Sorry To Bother You" vibes.

She's giving me ... Powerpuff Girl technicolor realness.

She's giving me ...empowered Black woman who doesn't have to fit your "stereotypes" of Black girl fashion tropes.

Thank you, sis @kashmirviii.


Fly Girl Travel

Fly Girl Travel is a lifestyle and accessory brand for the Black girl who loves herself a good beach vacay. Dat me.

What's really fun about this brand is that its sister brand, Effie's Paper, is equally as fun and caters to your stationery and planner needs. So these are brands for your work life AND your play life. Nice.

Please check both out @effiespaper and @flygirltravel.


Pardon My Fro

Right out the gate: Pardon My Fro is a great name.

Second at bat, cute stuff. And lots of it. They've got bath mats. They've got party packs. They've got shower curtains

I could go on, but I'd rather you just check out this indie brand! Their website is awfully cute.


Loza Tam

I hate to admit this, but I don't look great in a turban. That's my problem. I hate to burden you with it, because you've gotten to the bottom of this list, and your head is probably a normal size and shape. 

However, even I am losing it over Loza Tam's exquisite turbans. They're satin-lined as to not disturb your hairs on your head, which I thoroughly appreciate. They're artistically draped and folded. And They. Are. Stunning.


Don't Sleep Interiors

Last but certainly not least, Don't Sleep Interiors. With homewares and accessories that focus on civil rights and social justice issues, the brand asks people to "Free your mind. Liberate your space."