bra fitting
photo: iStock/Izabela Habur

Bra shopping can be a nightmare. From painful underwires to ill-fitting straps, there's a reason why most women say the best part of their day is when they can take their bras off. 

Ladies: What if I told you there is a world where bras don't injure and annoy — a place where you can feel supported and look good in all your outfits? All you have to do to get there is heed the advice of "bra whisperer" Chantelle Crabb. 

"Stop trying to make your boobs fit the bras and start making the bras fit your boobs," she commands. "It’s as simple as that." OK, maybe it isn't that simple. There are actually five things you need to do... 


Follow the two-finger rule to get the right band size.

"Your back band should be just loose enough to fit two fingers underneath — and it should lay horizontal all the way around your ribcage. If it rides up, the back band is too big."

Don't overload your straps.

"Straps should sit on your shoulders without digging in, leaving marks, or slipping down. If you feel digging, your back band needs to be tightened. The straps should not carry all of the weight."  

Pay attention to your wires.

"The wire should encase all your breast tissue and sit flat against your ribcage with no spillage or gaping. If the wires aren’t sitting in the correct place, you may need to adjust your cup size and/or back band."

Don't settle for anything less than good comfort.

"Your bra shouldn’t be uncomfortable in anyway. A correctly fitted bra should feel secure and shouldn’t move or cause rubbing. If your bra is uncomfortable or it’s moving, and you’re always re-adjusting, then you probably need a different size."


If following those tips doesn't help, it's time for a fitting.

Crabb and Curvy Kate offer virtual fittings for 100% bra happiness.