"What are you going to be for Halloween?" your friend asks. "Uh... well," you stammer. You've never been that good at coming up with Halloween costumes. "A cat?" you offer hopefully, but your friend's face falls.

Look, a cat costume can seem boring and overplayed, but there's a reason it's so iconic: It's easy and cat ears are cute as hell. Still, there are plenty of ways to enhance the cat costume, keeping the simplicity but making it truly unique.

Here's how: 



Halloween costumes should be spooky anyway, right? Plenty of people will be going as some form of the undead, so just add that element to your cat costume. Paint on some tire tracks and blood, and you're totally set.

You're no ordinary cat — you're a cat that was brutally murdered by a giant hunk of speeding metal.


Cheshire Cat

cheshire cat makeup
photo: Instagram

A Cheshire cat is purr-fect (ha ha ha) if you'd like to incorporate some color into your costume. I'm talking pinks and purples and blues. Then you can either paint on your creepiest smile if you're talented, or you can merely choose to smile as widely as you can all night long. 

It'll have the same effect either way.


Cat Lady

cat lady halloween costume
photo: Twitter

Tell me this isn't the funniest costume you've ever seen. 

Halloween is cold, guys. It's basically November. So put on your coziest, warmest, fuzziest bathrobe, attach some stuffed cats, and throw your hair in some curlers. You are now a crazy cat lady. A giant glass of wine is highly suggested.


Cool Cats

community cool cat halloween costume
photo: NBC

You're not just any cat... you're a cool cat. The coolest cat in the whole joint, eh? (This is how people talked in the 1920s, right?)

Cat ears are a must, as are your darkest shades and a leather jacket. Yup. You're so cool, when you walk in a room, you could store cheese in there for a reasonable amount of days like it's a fridge.


Grumpy Cat

grumpy cat
photo: Twitter

Being this iconic Twitter cat is simple. You choose to dress in brown and white instead of black, and you just look really, really, really annoyed all night. If you've ever been to a costume party, you'll know how easy this is to accomplish.


Meredith and Olivia

meredith and olivia cats
photo: Twitter

Meredith and Olivia are Taylor Swift's beloved cats, and they're truly having a moment this fall. Seriously, Taylor swift references hanging at home with these damn cats in her latest single, "Gorgeous."

These cats are now THE cats of the season. For this costume, you will need a friend to match you and a friend to go as Taylor Swift. Bonus points if you continually run away from your Taylor Swift friend in sheer annoyance.


Puss In Boots

puss in boots costume
photo: Dreamworks

You've been looking for an opportunity to wear a cape; here it is. Don your favorite thigh-high boots, grab that cape, toss on the cat ears, and brandish a sword: You are Puss in Boots.


Bread Cat

bread cat costume
photo: Twitter

I'm not entirely sure I understand this phenomenon where cats get their heads stuck in bread, but I DO know that I find it entirely hilarious.

Stick your head through a piece of cardboard and you're set.


Cat in the Hat

Dr. Seuss costume
photo: Instagram

Oh yeah, you remember this asshole. He brings over his friends uninvited, he tears up your house, he thinks he's REALLY funny even though he's not, and he's just basically walking nonsense. 

He is also, most likely, you at a party. 

Add the hat over the ears and the red choker and you're all set. We know drunk you has this attitude down pat.


Kitty Purry

katy perry and her cat kitty purry
photo: Instagram

Maybe you're all in on Team Taylor, maybe you recognize that "Witness" is the worst album to come out of 2017, maybe you've never been a fan of Katy Perry. However, we can all agree the fact that she named her cat Kitty Purry is hilarious.

Whether you choose to incorporate some Katy Perry-ness into your look or dress in your basic cat garb and merely insist on being called Kitty Purry all night, this is a good pun-based outfit.


Salem the Cat

photo: Giphy

"Sabrina The Teenage Witch" is one of the finest TV shows of all time. Honor it by upgrading your cat costume to a Salem The Cat costume. Really, this just means perfecting your evil cackle. 

Add in some mechanical movements (guys, we have come a loooooong way in the whole animatronic cat department since the '90s) and your cat inspiration will be undeniable.


Josie and the Pussycats

josie and the pussycats costume
photo: The CW

Amit it: You love "Riverdale." Me too.

A sexy cheetah-print outfit with cat ears isn't just a cheetah outfit this Halloween. No, you're a member of Riverdale's town band.. which for some reason is a trio of oversexualized, hyper-talented 15-year-olds who wear cat ears to school. All of that is amazing. 

You just need to decide if you're a frontwoman like Josie or if you'd prefer to be a more laid-back, behind-the-scenes cat like Val or the girl who has zero lines.


Cat Got Your Tongue

cat tongue
photo: Instagram

I could find zero inspiration for this vision of mine on Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter which is how you KNOW it's good. You wear your traditional cat outfit (LBD and cat ears), but you use makeup or face paint to make your mouth seemed shut close. Get it? You can't talk. It's like the popular saying: THE CAT HAS YOUR TONGUE.

Also, to make this costume more true to the saying, you could also just carry a fake tongue around, but this seems very gory and like people will avoid you. But hey, it IS Halloween. When else can you tout around body parts?