There's more to caring for your clothes than just washing, dry cleaning, and stain removal. Hanging clothes properly has a lot to do with how well they keep their shape and how long they last. 

Here's how you should be hanging sweaters, strappy dresses and shirts, pants, and dress shirts. 

SWEATERS: Hanging sweaters like this kills their shape.

Start by folding the sweater in half.

Drape the sweater over the hanger so the armpit cradles the hook.

One arm should be tucked under the sweater...

...and one should overlap.

STRAPPY SHIRTS & DRESSES: Straps get stretched and stressed when they're hung like this.

Instead, use the clear or ribbon straps that are sewn into the armpit area.

Loop them around the hook.

Now your straps won't get stressed :)

PANTS: It looks the same but it isn't the same!

Start by hanging one leg over the hanger bar like so.

Now cross the other leg over the bar on the opposite side.

No creases or wrinkles!

DRESS SHIRTS: Flat hangers can cause weird dents in the shoulders of your tops.

Buy yourself some curved hangers.

The curved hanger will preserve the form of your shirts, as well as your jackets.