Spring — and hot, sunny weather — is finally peeking through the cold, harsh, and dark winter days we've been plagued with for the past few months. And that means it's truly time to start sorting through your closet and figuring out what you'll wear once those pants and sweaters become too warm to bear. 

That also means it's time to start shopping for new warm-weather closet essentials, and that likely includes a pair of timeless cut-off shorts, and item that'll never go out of style. There's just one problem: More than any other item of clothing on the market, denim shorts can be impossible to shop for, especially if you're plus-size.

Retailers do this cute little thing where their shorts run far smaller to size than the rest of the items they sell. Or, at the very least, shorts sizing can be incredibly inconsistent, making it much harder to find a decent-fitting pair much harder than it ought to be.

But after the colder part of the year, it's likely that you already own a pair of basic jeans that've been stretched out and worn down just enough that they're not quite ready to recycle but also well past their prime. Kala Riggins, Revelist's fashion producer and denim expert, has a DIY solution that'll turn those older, rundown jeans into fresh shorts you didn't have to search the rack for.

This $0 DIY Turns Ratty Old Jeans Into Fresh Cut-Off Shorts pinterest image

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