If there's anyone you would want advice from on how to care for your bras, it would be Chantelle Crabb, known to the Internet as the bra whisperer. We consulted Curvy Kate’s resident underpinnings genius on how to properly wash — and care for — our bras, because let's be real, is there anything WORSE than your beloved lingerie totally losing its shape after a wash? According to Crabb, you should never, ever, ever put your bras in the washing machine. Always hand-wash. 

Here's Chantelle's ultimate, step-by-step guide to hand-washing your bras.

Fill a bowl with warm water and a bit of lingerie wash solution

Tip: If you don't have a lingerie cleanser, you CAN use your favorite detergent. Just keep in mind that it can often be too harsh for more delicate fabrics.

Leave the bras to soak for a few minutes

Wash off any noticeable dirt

Rinse the bra with clean water

Lay bra on a flat surface until dry

Letting the bra dry on a flat surface, instead of hanging it, will prevent damaging the elasticity.

Once your bras are completely dry, they're ready to wear — and you can do so secure in the knowledge that your underthings are completely clean, loved, and cared-for.