There is nothing on this Earth that makes me feel as good as music by my favorite bands. And there are simply no pieces of clothing on Earth that make me feel as comfortable — or confident — as one of those bands' T-shirts.

But when you're in your early-to-mid-20s (like I am) and are pretty new to the "real world," you oft feel pressured to ditch the comfort of those old band tees and polish up your wardrobe, especially in the workplace.

Thankfully, you don't have to choose one or the other. You can look like a stylish young professional in the same emo band shirts you wore in middle and high school — they just need to be styled the right way. That's where I come in. 

Over the past few years, I've worn little but band T-shirts, and TBH I've become pretty good at elevating the look. Here are my three go-to outfits I bust out when I want to rep my favorite artists at the office, for a night out, or pretty much anywhere else.

This is one of those outfits you can wear pretty much anywhere.

I've literally worn this exact thing — give or take a few accessories — to the office, on dates and nights out, to brunch, and around the house. It really can't be beat.

Like any other outfit, the most surefire way to keep a band-tee outfit cohesive and polished is to stick to black items exclusively. If you like a lot of color, you'll be A-OK if you pick shirts with simple graphics.

The fit of your tops and bottoms are also extremely important. When wrinkled and loose-fitted, shirts can scream "I wore this to bed," and that's the exact statement I'm trying to avoid because I'm a functioning adult, dammit. 

Therefore, I almost always opt for a shirt with a tight fit.

The key to an elevated everyday look that isn't your average band tee and jeans is a pair of pants that look fancy but are just as comfortable as your pajamas.

These fitted culottes that I added to my ASOS cart on a whim have become my tried-and-trues, and I've fallen into a deep love with them. These ones are super stretchy and have an elastic waistband that cinches my waist just enough to accentuate my natural shape.

They go with every pair of shoes I own, but I almost always wear them with my beloved Frye boots, my most comfortable and on-brand pair. I am a biker-bar princess, after all.

The tee and pants alone aren't that special, but that's where accessories come in — hats and statement jewelry take this outfit to the next level.

When I want this outfit to come off more cool than casual, I always gravitate toward my Western wool hat — mostly because I'm too lazy to do my hair properly, but also because it balances out my top half, from which my heeled boots often steal attention.

And, of course, no ensemble is really complete without the right bag. A casual outfit requires something one can sling easily over the shoulder, but a basic tote just wouldn't be enough.

This studded, square crossbody bag works for two big reasons: First, it's in a color that offers stark contrast from the backdrop of my black clothes. Second, its shape and details are sharp and structured, which fends off any image of looking sloppy like a slouchy shoulder bag or bookstore tote might.

Here are all the pieces I'm wearing, plus a few other styling options:

Shirt: Men's Prince Purple Rain Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt ($10, Target)
Pants: Wide Leg Culottes ($24, BooHoo)
Hat: Felted Wool Hat ($25, H&M)
Boots: Flynn Short Inside Zip Boots ($358, Frye)
Bag: Bronte Buckle Shoulder Bag ($55, Topshop)
Ring 1: Heart of the Dead ($320, Verameat)
Ring 2: She Devil Ring ($150, Souvenir Jewelry)

Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream Photos T-Shirt ($22, Hot Topic)

New Look Double Side Stripe Pants ($32, ASOS)

asos pants
photo: ASOS

Willa Harness Mule ($69, Urban Outfitters)

Brixton Baker Boy Hat in Black ($64, ASOS)

baker boy hat
photo: ASOS

My office is fairly casual, but sometimes I just need to feel like a Business Bitch. That's when I go for the classic T-shirt and pencil skirt combination.

My business look is no-holds-barred. However, she's bright

To channel all my female BDE, what shirt would suffice more than a Blondie one with Debbie Harry's face printed all big on it?

This outfit should feel powerful and demand attention, which is why I've ditched my all-black rule and gone for a bright red slitted skirt instead of what's expected of me. 

A bold print can have the same effect.

For shoes, you want to stick with whatever ones make you feel powerful. That could be a pair of pointed-toe flats, or sky-high stilettos, or even a really snazzy pair of leather sneakers. I personally vibe with just about any heeled shoe (I like to be the tallest person in the room).

But my shirt-and-skirt duo is not random — I've matched the red hue of my skirt to Harry's lipstick (and my own). Above all else, it's color coordination that pulls together a look like this and makes it look grown-up.

But not too grown-up. For a playful twist, I've bunched and tied the shirt at the middle.

Theoretically, I'd wear this outfit to a do-or-die career meeting. That means it'd be time to bust out the big gun: a designer clutch.

I recently bought this dream clutch, a Vivienne Westwood, because it was criminally discounted in her Los Angeles brick-and-mortar. It automatically became the bag I grab when I want to impress.

I know most 20-somethings either can't or don't desire to spend their hard-earned moolah on designer bags (this is certainly my first), but there's something about holding a label like this one that makes me feel unstoppable — or maybe I'm just a fashion fiend.

Whether boujie designers are your thing or not, you can still make the same statement. ASOS is rife with cheap, black clutches that have bold detailing just like this one.

Here are all the pieces I'm wearing, plus a few other styling options:

Shirt: Blondie Men's Hot Lips Fitted Tee ($21, Amazon)
Skirt: Ann Taylor (no longer available, but here's something similar)
Sunglasses: Quay Australia (no longer available, but here's something similar)
Shoes: Women's Matti Heeled Buckle Ankle Strap Sandals ($30, Target)
Clutch: Vivienne Westwood (Available In-Store Only)

Machine Gun Kelly Golden God T-Shirt ($22, Hot Topic)

Neoprene Pencil Skirt in Main Squeeze ($37, Eloquii)

eloquii pencil skirt
photo: Eloquii

Edania Heel ($100, Aldo)

edania heel aldo
photo: Aldo

BSHIPPER Clutch ($68, Steve Madden)

It's incredibly easy to overthink dressing for a date (especially with someone you don't know), but with a band tee, it can become extremely easy.

I personally get very flustered on dates, so I find it's best to wear the softest, most worn-in band shirt the night of.

This Panic! At The Disco shirt is perfect for that because its fabric is softer than a baby's butt, it has a really pretty graphic, and it's one of my favorite bands of all time (cop the "Emperor's New Clothes" tattoo on my left shin).

Plus, if my date makes fun of my taste in '00s music, I know I need to dump them immediately.

To play up the romance without completely dismissing my badass vibe, I partnered the tee with a shin-length leather skirt and my most dazzling pair of heels.

This combo is my first-date go-to for one reason alone: The skirt's flowing mermaid shape combined with the attention-grabbing shoe color can force a date's eyes down my body. They literally have to check me out.

It's a ballsy move, but my body's cute and I'm proud of it. Why not show it off in subtle ways like this?

To avoid awkward bag digging, I always bring a clutch on a date — preferably one with a wristlet so it doesn't get lost after I become distracted from a few drinks or well-timed compliments.

Here are all the pieces I'm wearing, plus a few other styling options:

Shirt: Panic! At The Disco Flower Head T-Shirt ($15, Hot Topic)
Skirt: ASOS Curve (no longer available, but here's something similar)
Sunglasses: A Dead Coffin Club ($200, Valley Eyewear)
Shoes: ASOS (no longer available, but here's something similar)
Clutch: H&M (no longer available, but here's something similar)

Bad Religion Skeleton T-Shirt ($22, Hot Topic)

Premiu Tiered Pleated Maxi Skirt ($103, ASOS)

asos maxi skirt
photo: ASOS

Women's Michaela Pumps ($25, Target)

target sandals
photo: Target

Rebecca Minkoff Leo Mirror Metallic Envelope Clutch ($95, Nordstrom)

Yes, that's really it! All a band tee needs to look polished is some bold, structured bottoms, decent shoes, and a few key accessories. Boom — Professional Band Bitch, at your service.

photo: Giphy

Now that you have the tools to make them look as such, at the risk of sounding corny, get out there and rock, my friends.