kat von d fashion
photo: Kat Von D

Being strange and unusual isn't cheap.

Case in point: It costs an insane amount of money to live like Goth Queen (and noted luxurybitch) Kat Von D. But not everything in Kat's life costs a lot of money. Many of her most iconic fashion pieces are under $100... IF you know where to look.

Luckily, as the nation's foremost Kat Von D scholar, I *do* know where to look. Here are 11 things that cost less than $100 you can buy if Kat is your style hero.


Kat's favorite dress, $35

kat von d dress
photo: Kat Von D

GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE. I have discovered where all of Kat's super cute dresses are from — and they're insanely affordable. The Elenore, which has the classic white collar, is up for pre-order in a new short-sleeved style you're gonna fall in goth-love with ($35, Deandri).


Acrylic skull necklace, $26

skull necklace
photo: Kat Von D

Kat has these in at least four colors, and you're going to want them all. Like Pokémon, but way chicer. ($26, Kreepsville 666)


Faux leather rings, $9 — 14 each

kat von d rings
photo: Kat Von D

Kat has these faux leather rings in every color and finish imaginable — and you can have them too, for barely any money. Go nuts. ($9 to $14, Rannka)


Cherry red glasses, $90

($90, Crap Eyewear)


Pins, $9

Admit it — you need more witches in your life, especially in pin form. ($9, Mon Petit Fantome)


World's boldest clutch, $25

OK, so technically this is a makeup bag — but Kat loves it, and it really would make a super cute clutch. ($25, Grrlscout Shop)


Iconic tee, $20

kat von d
photo: Kat Von D

Beloved by Kat, this T-shirt can be allllll yours. Pants optional, of course. ($20, Etsy)


A badass skull purse, $67

Because why not? ($67, Kreepsville 666)


Vegan jelly shoes, $70

kat von d shoes
photo: Kat Von D

Vivienne Westwood's collaboration with iconic plastic shoe brand Melissa created some of Kat's favorite shoes of all time. While the all-red heels are sold out, you can get your hands on a pair of heart-emblazoned flats for practically nothing. ($70, Melissa Shoes)


Widow's peak hat, $45

kat von d hat
photo: Kat Von D

Kat never met a hat she didn't like — this widow's peak knit cap is the absolute best. ($45, Etsy)


Favorite lipstick, $20

kat von d santa sangre
photo: Kat Von D

Kat wears a lot of red lipsticks, but as the area's resident Von D scholar, I can tell you that she wears Santa Sangre ($20, Kat Von D Beauty) the most often. Get into it.