Kylie Jenner is a powerhouse: whether it's her makeup or her merch, her launches are chaotic, and they sell out in under 20 minutes.

I've never had a problem shopping Jenner's launches, though. Every time I shop a coveted drop, I always get exactly what I want — hi, Kylie's Diary palette.

Do I use magic? Nah, I'm just a really advanced shopper. And now I'm sharing my secrets with you. Here are 6 steps to shop ANY major launch and get exactly what you want every time.

1. Accept that will be a shitshow.

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Whether it's a sample sale, new launch, or a limited edition collection, do not expect anything less than an absolute shitshow. Find your zen in this; you will be much happier.

Don't listen to press releases or PR people who promise a "seamless" or "easy" shopping experience. Do not listen to celebrity spokespeople who say it'll be well-managed and fun. Go in expecting a disaster; at worst, you'll be prepared. At best, you'll be surprised.


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Straight from my desk, it's actually how I organized yesterday's chaotic — and ultimately disappointing — Kylie merch drop. Knowing EXACTLY what you want before a collection launches is the best way to make sure you actually get it; go in blind, and you'll just waste time hunting for something you want.

I have the Kylie items I want separated out by size (for me and for Jess), with items that come in multiple colorways ranked by how much I want them (bomber jacket in black, then gray, and red if all else fails), along with clear descriptions of what each one is. Avoid bad handwriting or confusing descriptions; remember that when the products drop, you'll be shopping stressed. Leave no margin for error.

3. Know the rules!

What time does the shop open? Is there an item limit? How long are you allowed to spend in the store? Is there a "waiting room" system for checkout? Are there change rooms available? Is it cash-only? What's the return/refund policy?

If you answer any of these questions with "I don't know," get familiar. Check the site or call the store to get a breakdown; if no official info is forthcoming, do some online lurking to see how the site has handled launches — or pop-ups — in the past.

3. Create your account ahead of time.

If you're buying via an online shop — and you're able — create an account ahead of time. Make sure it has your correct shipping address and billing information so that you can click "checkout" and GO. Who has time to fumble with credit card numbers when limited edition Lip Kits are at stake? Goddamned nobody, that's who.

Bonus: Kylie hasn't done this yet, but SOMETIMES having an account registered means you get early access to new launches. This can be a passcode, or a special URL for VIPs... either way, it's worth it.

4. Know the location.

Almost nobody pays attention to this, but it will make or break you. Layout. Is. EVERYTHING.

Is there a special section on the site for new releases? Is the line sorted — or searchable — by size? Do you need to ask salespeople to physically go and get your items for you? Know this stuff ahead of time, as best you can — it will ensure you get the very best stuff.

5. Enlist help.

Many limited edition launches have item limits, which can suck. If that's the case, you'll need backup; enlist a friend with a laptop and divide and conquer your shopping list. Make sure you're very clear on who is buying what, where the products will be sent, and what billing info will be used.

After all, two heads — or laptops — are better than one.

6. Don't give up!

You may experience technical difficulties, long waits in line, and customer service people with attitude — but don't give up. Chaotic launches are kinda good for a brand's PR; it gives the media a reason to talk about an event that would otherwise not be covered. Do not be deterred. The spoils are (hopefully) all worth it.