photo: Netflix

You basically spend all day (and most nights) binging all Netflix has to offer. It's the gift that keeps on giving, especially when it comes to their original shows and movies. From Orange is the New Black to To All The Boys I've Loved Before, you're a fan of them and everything that's in between. So this Halloween there is no doubt that you'll pull from your watch list when it comes to the perfect Netflix Halloween costume. Just take a look at the following original Netflix characters to get inspired!

Lara Jean Covey

To transform yourself into To All The Boys I've Loved Before Lara Jean Covey, you'll need some signature pieces. This includes some killer booties, a button down skirt, and a cute sweater. Don't forget accessories like a pile of letters!

Puller Over Striped Sweater Tee ($19.99, Urban Outfitters)

Button Down Corduroy Skirt ($29.99, Target)

photo: Target

Buckled Ankle Boots ($25.89, Charlotte Russe)

Crazy Eyes

It's not hard to be to dress as one of the women of Litchfield. All one needs is a jumpsuit but it's the little details that'll really make your Crazy Eyes stand out. Of course, the jumpsuit is a necessity but also something with a dandelion.

Dandelion Pin ($8.74, Etsy)

photo: Etsy

Casey Gardner

If you want to be the Sporty Spice of the Netflix realm, then you're going to want to dress like Casey Gardner from Atypical. The little sister with the biggest heart, Casey is a tomboy who loves her activewear as much as her casual clothes. When she's not running track, you can find her in a crop top, skinny jeans and Chucks.

Rhiannon Crop Top ($11, Wet Seal)

Skinny Jeans ($9.90, Forever 21)

Classic Chuck Taylor All Star High Tops ($55, Nike)

photo: Nike

Jessica Jones

Those wanting to be Marvel's leading lady of Netflix may just have this badass ensemble in their closet already. If not, then a leather jacket, scarf, and some combat boots are in order.

Faux Leather Jacket ($26.85, Aeropostale)

Woven Scarf ($9.99, H&M)

photo: H&M

Combat Boots ($44.98, DSW)

photo: DSW


We've seen the pink dress time and time again when it comes to Stranger Things' Eleven. We've also seen many do her bitchin' in black look too. So we're throwing it back to when we first met our favorite '80s throwback in the hospital gown.

Hospital Gown ($19.99, eBay)

photo: eBay

Sierra Burgess

Sierra Burgess is an all-star with a fashion sense that you just either hate or love. In this case, you love it and want to be her to find your Jamey this Halloween. To do that you'll need a cute animal sweater, a keyboard purse and something with a sunflower.

Owl Sweater ($49, Modcloth)

Piano Handbag ($29.99, Packa Backa)

Sunflower Phone Case ($28.79, Society6)

Claire Underwood

It's all about making power moves with Claire Underwood. Whether you rock a suit or a nice blouse and a pencil skirt, you'll be playing the part just right.

Button Down Top ($18.49, Belk)

Basic Pencil Skirt ($35.90, Zara)

photo: Zara

Kimmy Schmidt

One of Netflix's most endearing and kind-hearted characters, Kimmy Schmidt is a delight and one of the most fun to embody. Pink pants, a floral top, and a yellow cardigan are all you need to capture signature Kimmy!

Yellow Cardigan ($27.99, Old Navy)

Floral Scoop Neck Blouse ($22.20, JCPenney)

Pink Skinny Jeans ($39.99, Kohl's)

photo: Kohl's

Monse Finnie

Be really meta by dressing up as Monse from On My Block when she was dressed as a lifeguard on Halloween.

Lifeguard Hoodie ($19.95, Etsy)

photo: Etsy

Kimmy Gibbler

My fellow kooky fashion lovers have adored Kimmy Gibbler on Fuller House since the '90s hit was rebooted on Netflix. This is the one character where the wilder, the better. A funky dress paired with some shoes that only the most confident in their fashion sense could pull off.

Colorful Midi Dress ($79, Modcloth)

Mixed Patch Pump ($49.99, DSW)

photo: DSW

Elena Maria Alvarez Riera Calderón Leyte-Vidal Inclán

The feminist never scared to say what's on her mind daughter on One Day at a Time. Elena is one of the best characters on TV today in her school uniform and specs. Don't forget the messy bun!

Blue Polo Top ($10.77, Walmart)

Plaid Skirt ($45.95, Lands’ End)

Women of GLOW

You and your girls can each pick one of the girls, or you can go as the women of GLOW when they had the wedding at the end of season two. All you'll need is some craft skills and a pink bathing suit.

One-Piece Bathing Suit ($17.98, American Eagle)

Sheila Hammond

All one has to do to pull off Sheila Hammond from Santa Clarita Diet is dress like a realtor with a twist. Bloody up that ensemble because Sheila has a taste for human flesh.

Suit Jacket ($38, ASOS)

photo: ASOS

Crop Trousers ($48, Gap)

photo: Gap

Hannah Baker

Throwing back to the first season, you can rock a Hannah Baker at work look with a white button down and black jeans you probably already own. All you need is a vest and bow tie.

Maroon Vest ($23, ASOS)

photo: ASOS

Bow Tie ($3.95, TieMart)


We have a feeling that there are going to be a handful of group costumes that revolve around the men of Queer Eye. If you can choose first get Karamo and get a bomber jacket or the easiest, Antoni. All you need is a band tee. Preferably The Strokes.

The Strokes Shirt ($19.99, Society6)