Kim Kardashian West Skims lounge-wear
photo: Skims

Kim Kardashian recently released a collection of super-soft cozy pajamas that are selling out fast. 

One of the biggest complaints about the line was the high price point: Just one part of the tank-and-shorts set costs $52, and that's without the accompanying robe. Altogether Skims customers are paying more than $200 for three pieces. So one woman shared her DIY discovery on Twitter, and it's changed the game. 

Kheumani Stevenson got crafty with a $25 Walmart blanket that looks just as soft as the Skims knit fabric and created her own three-piece pajama set. Plus, she shared a step-by-step tutorial on her YouTube in case you wanted to try it out for yourself. 

Kheumani Stevenson is the mastermind behind this Cozy Collection–inspired set. 

"I heard Kim K charging $250+ for this set & I just made it for $25 out of a blanket I got from Walmart. You’re welcome," Stevenson wrote in a tweet. The crafty influencer created her own version of the Bone tank, pants, and robe that look just as soft as the original, all for only $25. 

In an interview with Insider, Stevenson shared part of her process, "The Skims pajama set reminded me of a cozy blanket, so I knew that would be the best material alternative." 

Stevenson even made an entire DIY tutorial for how she created the look on her YouTube channel. 

Using a king-size blanket, Stevenson cut out the patterns using clothing she already owned that mimicked the Skims style as a guide. The DIY expert already has sewing skills, so she helped out many of her viewers. The end product was so cute and looked just like the Skims loungewear. 

She inspired others to craft their own looks. 

"@Kheumani made Kim’s new clothing line out of a $25 Walmart blanket so i took inspo & designed my own lil fuzzy set," one person shared in a tweet. Their style was similar to the Skims look, too, but this time it was made into a skirt. Kim Kardashian had better watch out for these crafty queens out here. 

And for the less crafty budget-friendly shoppers, Fashion Nova has already released a copycat version. 

Some less crafty followers pointed out that Fashion Nova also has a dupe of the Skims set at a much more budget-friendly cost. "For those of us who can’t, you know Fashion Nova has our backs," this Twitter user replied to Stevenson's video. 

No word from Kardashian, as of yet, on this savvy woman's replica.

I'm sure Kardashian is more concerned with the fast-fashion ripoffs than these DIY YouTubers, but clearly people are turning to other options thanks to the high price point of these cozy sets. One person shared an image of a concerned Kardashian, and wrote, "kim watchin her business burn to the ground from this single tweet." 

Kheumani Stevenson has other DIY videos that show her transforming clothes on a budget on her YouTube channel too.