where's waldo costume

This costume was comfy, but I was only one of maybe 20 other Waldos at the party. Sigh.

photo: Angela Trakoshis/Instagram

Let's be real, Halloween costume shopping can be a total nightmare — mostly because outfits from traditional costume shops are really expensive and lack originality.

Don't get me wrong, I love a good generic witch costume ... but everyone looks the same!

Most importantly, I'd never wear those costumes *after* the holiday passes. So this year I gave myself a challenge: I'm going to buy a costume that I'll actually use in everyday life. So where did I head to? Victoria's Secret, of course.

At Victoria's Secret, inspiration instantly hit me — I was going to be a boxer (no pun intended). And it was the easiest costume I've ever styled.

boxer vs costume
photo: Carmen Hurtado-Esteve/Revelist

First on my checklist? A sports bra — of which you can never have too many.

sports bra vs boxer costume
photo: Carmen Hurtado-Esteve/Revelist

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I chose this bra ($23, Victoria's Secret) simply for its comfort — I didn't want to struggle through the night in something constricting, so I chose the softest one I could find. No underwire = pure happiness.

I knew I'd need a pair of shorts next, but my options were limited.

shorts vs boxer costume
photo: Carmen Hurtado-Esteve/Revelist

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Victoria's Secret's shorts selection is lacking, so I settled for the first pair I found that were cute and wearable for every day. Luckily, these paneled Knockout Hot Shorts ($30, Victoria's Secret) were uber comfy.

My favorite part of the costume hunt was, without a doubt, this sultry silk robe.

silk robe vs costume boxer
photo: Carmen Hurtado-Esteve/Revelist

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This Satin Kimono ($50, Victoria Secret) had been in the back of my mind forever. I'd been hesitant to spend the money on it, but Halloween finally gave me the perfect excuse. On its own it'd make me feel glamorous, but with the rest of my new costume I felt like a total badass.

These gloves I had at home completed my costume.

boxing gloves everlast
photo: Carmen Hurtado-Esteve/Revelist

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You can find these gloves ($40, Everlast) or a similar pair at any sports supply store.

To polish it all off, I braided my hair up so I wouldn't roll up looking like an amateur.

boxer braids
photo: Carmen Hurtado-Esteve/Revelist

Because no real boxer would be caught dead with her hair down for a bout.

And BOOM, instant boxer. I like feeling powerful and sexy at the same time, and this simple costume 100 percent did that for me.

boxer costume vs
photo: Carmen Hurtado-Esteve/Revelist

Added bonus: I just added three great staples to my wardrobe — things I'll definitely wear after October 31.

photo: Giphy

Mission accomplished.